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Patrick & Devri

Hi! We’re Devri and Patrick. We are indoor gardeners living in a little bitty condo in Chicago. We started blogging about our plant-growing journey in 2020 – right when the pandemic started shutting down the world.


We wanted to make Two Peas In A Condo a safe place for gardeners of all skill levels – whether you’re naturally green-thumbed or not. We write about a variety of topics, including houseplant guides, hydroponics, growing vegetables indoors, and general gardening tips to make your planting journey successful and fun.

Here is some info on our pea pod.


Origin Story

Two Peas in a Condo began when my husband Patrick and I realized just how reliant we were on food systems during the pandemic. We wanted to start growing our own food at home so we started by growing three lettuce plants hydroponically. Although it wasn’t enough to put a dent in our grocery budget, we were excited by our success and began documenting our journey on the blog. As we continued to learn and grow, we expanded our focus to include houseplants and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Now, Two Peas in a Condo is a resource that we’re proud of, providing expert growing guides and practical tips to help others improve their gardening skills or reduce their environmental impact.

Meet the Team Behind Two Peas


Devri - Founder

I love beautiful things, projects, and keeping it simple. When I write on a topic, I try to connect with my readers, giving them practical information for getting started on their gardening goals.

I put a lot of effort into keeping my cats (and now my baby) out of my plant babies. I love to hear from our readers, so please send pics of plants and plant projects to [email protected].

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Patrick–Co-founderHead Gardener

Patrick Co-founder/Head Gardener

Patrick is more interested in food production than flowers and houseplants, but I’m trying to win him over! He thinks that, with some proper planning, he could grow all the veggies and greens our family needs – right out of his indoor garden. We’re not there yet, but our hydroponic mason jars are moving us in that direction.

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Brent – Honorary Pea

Brent Honorary Pea

Brent is excited about all things minimal, and thus environmentally sustainable. From kitchen-scrap composting to indoor herb gardens and air-purifying houseplants, he enjoys continual learning and innovation. In simple, eco-conscious living, there is always room to… grow!

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Nichee–Trellis Pea

Nichee Trellis Pea

Nichee is our trellis from the other side of the world. Usually, peas come in two heights: bush and climbing peas. Nichee’s “niche” is to provide support to both backend (project management) and frontend (blogs) for the team. If she’s not in front of her computer, you’ll find her in front of her mini-garden checking out sprouts. Offline, her dream is to open an eco store where she can sell plants and sustainable products.

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Arden–Baby Pea

Arden Baby Pea

In 2021, we welcomed our newest pea to the pod. Arden has been a pretty big change in our lives, but she already loves taking walks in the park and looking at the trees above her. In the future, we hope to launch a series called Arden’s Garden, in which we give tips to parents and teachers about fun and easy gardening projects.

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Sara S.

Thank you for this article. I was looking up Philadendron moonlight and saw your post. My Phila. Moonlight is flowering!! My dad gave me his plant of some 50 years of age and now it’s flowering!

Beverly B.

Wow, excellent info, very thorough. I appreciate it. First time having one of these plants so I’ll see how it goes. I have a problem growing prayer plants and peace lilies in my house. Brown crispy leaf tips for days! I guess it’s low humidity. Thanks again

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