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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Policies

Trust is something that’s earned through time and experience. Our editorial standards were crafted to gain the trust of indoor gardeners – both indoor and outdoor. We aspire to make our content stand out above the rest, providing you with easy-to-understand recommendations that can help you grow just about anything.

Our Vision and Mission

We’re dedicated to offering straightforward, well-researched, easy-to-understand indoor gardening advice to help you make the most of your gardening experience.

The gardening space can be a little muddy sometimes, meaning a lot of the sage wisdom out there needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Our goal is to curate the best and most reliable information, make it simple, and share it in a practical way for gardeners of all skill levels.

Our mission is to be your go-to source for clear, experienced gardening advice that fits your lifestyle and growing goals.

If you want to learn more about Two Peas In A Condo, start with our About Us page for details.

Errors and Corrections

If we make a mistake in our content, we will do our best to correct it and provide accurate information in a reasonable amount of time. If you find an issue in our content, please raise it to our attention by emailing Devri below.

Write For Us: Indoor Gardening Guest Post

We love finding new writers in the gardening space! If you’d like to share your tips with the world through a guest post, start by emailing [email protected].

When you email, please give some article recommendations for us to consider. We love hearing from you!

All of our articles have a few requirements that must be followed:

  • Sources must be cited through in-text links. Please do not link to any competitors in our space without approval first. 
  • You may link to your own site once in an article. You may not link to an article or website promoting a product.
  • Articles must be, at minimum, 1,500 words long. There are a few exceptions to this, but 1,500 is normally the expectation.
  • Articles must generally be free of grammatical or spelling errors
  • Articles must follow the brand and tone of existing Two Peas In A Condo articles.
  • Two Peas In A Condo reserves the right to edit, remove, and use your content however we see fit.

Please review some of our top posts to see how we write:

Editorial Independence

We hold ourselves to a strict process of authoring, evaluating, and validating content that is easy to understand and relevant to growers.

While our team does offer recommendations from affiliate partners at times, we do our best only to suggest quality products and services. No product, site, or company outside of Two Peas In A Condo directly influences our editorial decisions.

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