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Why You Should Decorate Your Condo with Plants in 2023

Decorating your home with plants is easy!  No worries if you are just starting your plant journey. In this article, we have reasons and steps to help beautify your home with houseplants.

Why You Should Decorate Your Condo with Plants?

Decorating your condo with plants is a substantial way to bring life and beauty into your home. Spending your time in a green space or being with nature itself can contribute to abundant benefits such as improving mood, reducing feelings of stress or anger, improving physical health, and the like. 

Living in a condo with a balcony for your plants truly is a blessing. So, you must look for one that is large enough to fit all of your plants — like the East Pointe Condos. Its balcony is spacious and offers plenty of sunlight for your plants to thrive. It also features a railing that ensures your plants’ safety and security. Many people enjoy living and working in cultivated green spaces, and most like having beautiful plants around. The plants that we put in our home not only bring light and happiness into a certain space but also help in purifying the air and eliminate toxins.

Many still may hesitate when it comes to purchasing plants because people tend to be afraid of taking care of them in an improper manner – that then kills them. Yet, there are numerous plants that are quite easy to decorate with, even to those who do not consider themselves as a ‘green thumb’. If you are starting on a plant parent journey for the first time, it is highly suggested to start with one or even two small, and low-maintenance plants. You must consider plants that are hard to kill, for the reason that you want to prolong their health. By this means, these plants will also grant life to your condo in the long run. Here are some low-maintenance plants to consider when decorating your condo with plants:

1. Devil’s Ivy (Golden Pothos)

2. Succulent and Cacti

3. Dracaena

4.  Spider Plant

5.  Aloe Vera

6.  Monstera

7.  Bromeliads

8.  Philodendron

9.  ZZ Plant 

10. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana)

Although they are considered a stylish component or part, houseplants grant abundant life and beauty to condos. Most days, we spend our time indoors. That is why it is particularly important to add houseplants as well due to the benefits it can really give. Acquiring even just a few plants that are simple and trouble-free to keep alive, it is now the time to find the right and perfect location for them in your home. When decorating with plants, it is a must to balance them evenly throughout the space. Along with other methods of decorating, you must also consider checking with your landlord before putting plant hanging structures to your walls or ceilings. These are some of the steps to consider in decorating your home with houseplants:

1. Group Plants in Awkward Corners

Most rooms have a corner or two wherein its space is just too compact to fit another piece of furniture – but feels disrobed with nothing filling it. These awkward spaces are ideal to be filled by houseplants, especially those that do not require tons of light. Try to group plants that range in color and size in these specific areas to give some contrast and to fill up the space. 

2. Mount to Walls and Hang from Ceilings

This method should be attempted only if your landlord gave you permission to do so – and is comfortable with you hanging furniture items on walls or from the ceilings. If you are given permission, hanging macrame plant holders from the ceiling can be your starting point. By this, this is an important way to give a space a bohemian flair whilst keeping the plants out of reach of young children or pets. This endeavor is a great way to add depth to a room and make your ceilings appear to be higher.   

3. Use Spilling Plants

If you want to include a beautiful ambiance in your room, you might as well have to consider plants that spill over their containers. One example is the Devil’s Ivy (which is also known as Golden Pothos) – it is considered a low maintenance plant that accumulates long ivy branches. Moreover, this can also be covered over furniture. The plants that spill over their containers or look like they are going out are fascinating to view at the top of tall bookshelves, decorative ladders, and dressers. 

4. Create a Plant Divider

The essence of plants is an ideal method in dividing a large room within a variety of sections. Try to set up bookshelves in the specific location where you want to split the room and fill up the shelves with tons of plants to build a plant wall.

5. Add Shelves to Windows

This method also requires you to get approval from your landlord to ensure that the windows do not get damaged. Only if accepted by the landlord, including shelves to the windows themselves is a significant way to include additional plants to a tight space. This also is the ideal place for plants that require much of the sunlight to be set. The only disadvantage in this method is that when you put a shelf in the window, it may have the chance to obstruct light. That is why it is best to try this step if you have numerous windows where sunlight can enter. 

6. Use as a Centerpiece

Stemmed flowers are pleasing and beautiful; however, they last only a week or so before beginning to wilt. On the other hand, succulents are the way to go because they are long-lasting plants that really work perfectly as centerpieces for dining tables, coffee tables, or office desks. Plants such as succulents are ideally put in glass terrariums because they add elegance on a dresser or a table. 

7. Add Plant Decoration to a Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the least decorated part because this place is not always the primary place that comes to our mind. Likewise, this is also the least location that plants are placed. Bathrooms with windows make excellent ideal locations for houseplants. The reason behind this is because of their humid environments and the light it gives from its windows. Setting up a plant on a step stool or even just creating a plant shelf contributes to an overall burst of green. This will truly brighten your daily routine. 

Decorating your Condo with Plants

Adding plants can include a touch of nature to any room, and can aid in creating a calming and inviting ambience. They bring the perfect level of color, warmth, and energy to a room without the need of taking much excessive space. Here are some reasons and benefits on why placing plants and decorating them in your condo is a plus:  

1. Plants Add Oxygen to the Air We Breathe

Your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide when you breathe. During the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb the carbon dioxide that you release, and in return, they produce oxygen for you. This opposite pattern or process of gas use makes plants and people to be natural partners. Moreover, adding plants to interior spaces can increase oxygen levels. At night, the process of photosynthesis is halted. Plants typically take in and take out air just like humans, whereby they absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It is important to take note of a few plants that do the contrary when taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen – orchids, epiphytic bromeliads, and succulents are such examples. Nonetheless, when having plants, place them in bedrooms to refresh air during the night.  

2. Plants Keep Us Healthy

Many professionals believe in plants healing power and that is why you may notice them in hospital rooms. Studies have shown that patients with plants in their hospital rooms have requested less pain medication and often have rapid recoveries in comparison to patients without plants. One of the many wonders that plants could bring is they add moisture to air – which is a vital means for recovery. Likewise, it can decrease the occurrence of dry skin, sore throats, colds, and coughs. Many plants even help in removing pollutants from the air. Some that are known for this function are Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, and Gerber Daisy. 

3. Decrease Stress Levels

Overall, plants can be the means of decreasing your stress levels. Anthurium houseplants help in decreasing stress levels – which is essential to know with the hectic lives we live. Most have stated that a positive feeling of well-being comes over them when plants are nearby. Having plants in your home can make you feel more comfortable, natural, and soothed. Researchers have concluded that plants aid in reducing physiological and psychological stress. 

4. Plants Improve Your Work Performance

Plants can be our moral support when working or being productive in the comfort of our home. Researchers have shown that workers and even students in the presence of plants have enhanced concentration, productivity, and memory. Keep an ornamental plant that is low maintenance for better work production.  

5. Plants As Perfume for the Room

Keep your home smelling fresh with fragrant plants that suit your style. Plants are sought to help also with toning down the smell of your cooking. You do not need to buy air fresheners or perfume all the time once it is empty to maintain your home as pleasant because plants can already do the trick in maintaining freshness. 

6. Better Sleeping

Fragrant plants such as gardenia, jasmine, and lavender give off a fragrance that has been known for its calming effects towards nerves and help people in sleeping. Having plants in your room can bring you a positive effect on your mood and health; thus, providing you with the utmost amount of slumber as well. 

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