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iDOO Indoor Garden: Features And Review You Need To Read

Personal hydroponic systems are incredibly popular now, and it’s easy to see why. These indoor countertop gardens give growers access to fresh veggies throughout the year – no matter the weather outside. iDOO is an indoor gardening brand that’s growing in popularity. The main reason for this is its low price point and similar functionality to bigger brands.

Check out the different iDOO units, including the prices, features, and information on what you can grow.

Primary Benefits Of iDOO

  • iDOO is similar to top hydroponic brand AeroGarden
  • iDOO costs significantly less than an AeroGarden unit
  • iDOO grows hydroponically, meaning plants mature faster than when grown in soil

You can check out our full AeroGarden Bounty review here.

Primary Cons

  • iDOO doesn’t come with seeds – this system requires you to bring your own seeds. That said, seeds only cost a few dollars, so the savings are still significant.

If you’re ready to purchase an iDOO, you can start here for discounts. Below we’ve included our overall iDOO review of features and functionality. Get 10% off with promo code TWOPEAS10.

iDOO Wifi 12 Pods Hydroponics System sold on Amazon

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How Many Plants Can You Grow?

Depending on the model of iDOO, you can grow between 7and 20 pods. See the options below, as well as pricing for each.

iDOO Pricing

Photo Title Price Buy
iDOO Indoor Garden...image iDOO Indoor Garden Hydroponics Growing System 12Pods WiFi Smart Garden Plant Germination Kit with LED Grow Light, 6.5L Large Water Tank, Fan Pump System, for Vegetable Herb Grower Gardening Gift $139.99
iDOO Hydroponics Growing...image iDOO Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden, 12Pods Plant Germination Kit with LED Grow Light, Auto Timer, Fan, Adjustable Height Hydrophonics Planter for Herb Veggies, Grower Gardening $89.99
iDOO Hydroponics Growing...image iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, 10 pods Indoor Herb Garden with LED Grow Light, Auto Timer Smart Garden, Water Shortage Alarm, 15'' Height Adjustable, 4.5L Water Tank $53.99
iDOO Hydroponics Growing...image iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, 10 pods Smart Garden with Auto Timer, LED Grow Light, Indoor Herb Garden, Height Adjustable, Water Shortage Alarm for Home Kitchen
iDOO Hydroponics Growing...image iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, 7Pods Mini Herb Garden with Pump System, Germination Kit with LED Light, Automatic Timer, Height Adjustable (No Seed)
iDOO 20 Pods...image iDOO 20 Pods Hyrdroponics Growing System with LED Grow Light, Indoor Garden Kit with 4 Removable Water Tank, Free Timing Setting, 27" Adjustable Height

iDOO Features

Like most hydroponic systems on the market, iDOO has several key features, including three separate “Smart Modes” and a sleep mode for various growth stages. Here are the different features iDOO has to offer.

Simple Control Panel

iDOO products are straightforward, and I appreciate how easy it is to get started. All iDOO products have an easy-to-use control panel, including the power button, the pump circulation system button (a pump switch), and the two primary smart modes (and a normal mode for the normal cycle), including Vegetable Light mode and Flowers & Fruits light mode.

Flower & Fruit Mode

Fruiting and flowering plants (or plants that will fruit and flower) require more white and red light. In this mode, the grow light emits more of the light spectrum these plants, including tomatoes and peppers, need.

Vegetables/Greens Mode

Similarly, plants that produce more foliage use different amounts of the light spectrum, specifically blue light. So this is for plants like spinach, other greens, herbs, etc., and it’s excellent for veggie photosynthesis.

Grow Lights

iDOO units have 24-Watt LED lights and different light modes for total control of the growing process. The 24-watt lights of the hydroponic system provide a sunlight spectrum and can grow most plants. The quality of light is comparable to that of the AeroGarden Harvest. You can read our AeroGarden Harvest review here.

Height Adjustment

As your plants grow in the hydroponic system, the height of the lighting can be raised or lowered as needed. You want your light to be about 4-6″ above the plants. Any lower than this, and your plants could burn or bleach.

While each iDOO system is slightly different, some larger models can grow plants up to 18.5″, making them good options for some determinate tomato varieties.

Hydroponic Circulation System

iDOO has a water circulation system that waters and aerates your plants, one of the primary reasons for faster growth. The water pump works by circulating nutrient-rich water through the basin of the system and releasing it over the roots of the plants.

It also has water pump circulation modes for ease of use.

What Comes With An iDOO?

Each iDOO system comes with the following things:

  • High-performance grow lights
  • Adjustable grow arm
  • Viewing stage
  • Water basin (water tank)
  • Independent water pump and hydroponic circulation system
  • Fan that runs for 30 minutes at a time to promote airflow and pollination (for flowering plants)
  • Plant food (A and B) – hydroponics uses nutrient water instead of soil
  • Biodegradable palm sponges
  • Grow domes
  • Baskets/pods for plants
  • Hole covers
  • Wifi and app functionality (on specific models)

Note: the amount of pods, domes, sponges, and hole covers depends on the specific model you purchase. Larger models have more, while smaller models have slightly less. Read product descriptions to verify how many you’ll receive.

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iDOO Review

As we’ve said, iDOO is similar to other countertop hydroponic systems – but costs about half of the price. This is because it’s produced by a company in China and promoted wholesale through markets – including Amazon – around the world. The combination of sourcing and competition has caused this to be more affordable.

While iDOO doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles as AeroGarden, it functionally works very similarly. 

We like the iDOO because it’s small enough to fit on a kitchen counter, meaning you can have a variety of herbs within arm’s reach. 

Below are some of the pros and cons of the iDOO system.


More Affordable Than Any Competitors

I’ve said it a few times already, but the cost is the biggest pro. For half the price of most Aerogarden models, you’re getting an eerily similar product. And some of the more advanced iDOO versions even have wifi and an app. 

Granted, you’re getting a standalone product – not the backing of a brand. Regarding iDOO customer service, you usually can’t expect the same level of care that you would from a more established brand like Aeorgarden.

Quiet Pump

If you’ve had an indoor hydroponic garden, you may have noticed that it has a loud pump. One of the best things about iDOO is it’s incredibly quiet system, which shouldn’t disturb you. 

And even if it does, you have the option to turn off or adjust the pump so that it’s off for 10 hours at a time. And then it will automatically go back to its regular pump cadence. 

Can Grow Many Plants

The smallest indoor hydroponic garden from iDOO can grow seven plants simultaneously, perfect for herbs – or as an experiment for children (it’s an excellent educational gift). 

If you have food production goals, you should consider their 20-pod system, which costs about ⅕ of the AeroGarden Farm, which grows only four more plants at a time.

Light Modes

Most hydroponic systems allow the grower to change the brightness level. Still, I don’t know of any that specifically provide spectrum options to match different growth stages or specific needs. Also, the wattage of the lights is pretty decent, meaning that having this system won’t drastically affect your electric bill. 

Having the option to provide more red light for flowering plants and more blue light for vegetative plants is an excellent feature that really sets iDOO apart from its competitors.

Redeem our promo code: TWOPEAS10 to get 10% off.


No Seeds

This hydroponic circulation system doesn’t come with any seeded pods. Unlike other popular brands, you will not get seeds when purchasing from iDOO. 

This is different from Click & Grow, Veritable, and AeroGarden and the bigger models like iHarvest and Gardyn. 

While this might seem momentarily frustrating, I actually like it! Some of these more prominent brands practically require using their seeds and pods, which can get expensive. But with iDOO, you can spend a couple dollars on the seeds you want so you can have the variety.

If you need seeds, you can quickly get them from Amazon.

Rooting Concerns

While I’ve not experienced this personally, I have found a single review of this product saying that the roots of a plant can clog the pump. I’ve had this happen on my AeroGarden before, and it’s not fun to clean up.

You may consider pruning your roots. When done occasionally, it doesn’t hurt the plant, and it can help keep your pump clean and clear of debris.

What Are Hydroponic Growing Systems?

If you’re unfamiliar with hydroponic gardening, it’s a terrific dirt-free (and mess-free) way to grow plants. A hydroponic system circulates water through the plant’s roots. In contrast, high-nutrient plant food is supplied into the water to replace the nutrients lost in the soil. 

iDOO systems can cultivate pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and GMO-free vegetables in a super-fast, hassle-free, and compact way. So, in other words, green thumbs aren’t required for this height-adjustable garden kit.

Setup And Ease Of Use

Setting up this home garden is very easy. In just six steps, you’re ready to go.

Step 1 – Put your grow sponge and plastic basket into the holes of the unit

Step 2 – Place 2-3 seeds in the sponge

Step 3 – Cover the plastic basket and sponge with a plastic grow dome

Step 4 – Add water and the nutrient solution in the fill hole

Step 5 – Press the power button

Step 6 – Sit back and watch the germination begin!

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Note: When the seedlings begin to touch the tops of the grow domes, the domes should be removed.

One thing that’s important to note is that iDOO doesn’t offer seeds, so you’ll need to bring your own. Our favorite things to grow in small hydroponics systems are greens and small herbs like basil and dill.

How Does iDOO Review Compare To Other Hydroponic Systems?

There are many indoor garden germination kits and hydroponic systems on the market. iDOO is similar to AeroGarden, Click and Grow, and Veritable. You can read those reviews here:

If you want something larger than an iDOO, you should consider one of the following:

Other Products From iDOO

Have you heard of iDOO before? While they are known for hydroponic kits, they also make other products, including deep sleep air mattresses and mops for wood floors and hard floors. Here are some of their flagship products for you to check out while your plants are growing.

  • Flat mop
  • Cordless mop
  • Electric mop
  • Flat mop

Final Thoughts

If you want to grow a hydroponics garden but don’t want to make a significant investment, iDOO is absolutely the place you should start. They have quality products that are – on average – half the price of their competitors. Not only this, but it’s a powerful and simple system that can provide your family with fresh veggies and a lot of fun.

We highly recommend you purchase an iDOO and check it out for yourself!

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