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The 2023 Complete Lettuce Grow Farmstand Review (And $50 Off Coupon)

More homeowners have been transitioning to growing their own vegetables and herbs from indoor gardens. Growing your own produce is always worth the effort and time because you can be confident that your own fresh produce is organic and clean. In this Lettuce Grow review, we’re discussing ways to easily make a dent in the grocery store budget through the use of this hydroponic system.

You may be thinking about the limited space, shortage of sunlight and your lack of experience when it comes to growing your own food. These are valid concerns, but with the help of the Lettuce Grow Farmstand we can show you ways to easily overcome these challenges.

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What is Lettuce Grow?

Lettuce Grow is a hydroponic garden system co-founded by the star of the sitcom New Girl and Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel. Her co-founder, Jacob Pechenik, is the co-producer of Zooey’s Facebook Watch series “Your Food’s Roots.”

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Lettuce Grow’s system was designed for homeowners with limited indoor and outdoor space who enjoy gardening and are interested in harvesting their own greens.

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The company is committed to making urban farming mainstream. Thanks to vertical farming methodologies and NASA-inspired innovations, Lettuce grow uses its amazing products to make homegrown food more accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to grow their own food at home.

Lettuce Grow is one of several personal indoor gardens on the market. If you want to learn more about the best hydroponic systems, start with our guide.

Introducing Farmstands

Lettuce Grow’s signature product is the Farmstand, a hydroponic setup that is available in different sizes and only takes 5 minutes a week to take care of. Because it self-waters and self-fertilizes, it’s ideal for first-time home gardeners with little time to spare.

Farmstands were developed on the principle of hydroponic systems, plants that grow in water instead of soil. Plant nutrients are delivered through fertilizers mixed with water which are then circulated through a vase-like stand. If you live in a place where it is hard to get full sun exposure,  you can still have indoor gardens.

Lettuce Grow sells grow lights in the form of glow rings, light systems designed for indoor use that work seamlessly with your farmstand.

You can order Lettuce Grow here.

Lettuce Grow hydroponics growing your own food

How Much Do Lettuce Grow Farmstands Cost?

Depending on which Farmstand you purchase, the cost will vary slightly. See our pricing guide below:

How Much Do Lettuce Grow Farmstands Cost To Run?

When you first purchase your Farmstand, you are given six months of nutrients and pH Down to keep your plants healthy and happy. But after that, you’ll have to keep purchasing from the Lettuce Grow shop. Here are the costs you can expect monthly:

  • 12-Plant Farmstand – Approximately $20
  • 18-Plant Farmstand – Approximately $25
  • 24-Plant Farmstand – Approximately $30
  • 30-Plant Farmstand – Approximately $40
  • 36-Plant Farmstand – Approximately $45

If you’re anything like me, you wanted your indoor garden to be a one-time fee, but that isn’t the case with Lettuce Grow or any other hydroponic system.

That said, this indoor garden is still a viable option – and more affordable and efficient than growing in a traditional raised bed. Lettuce grow put together some data on this, suggesting that you’ll spend about 51% less using a Farmstand instead of a traditional raised bed.

Gardening Made Easier, Healthier, and More Delicious

As you can see, it’s a different approach to traditional gardening, but the results are higher yields, accelerated growth, and better flavor.

With the hydroponic Farmstand, you can enjoy growing different plants that produce fresh food and fresh herbs without needing much space, going outside, getting dirty, and with little effort.

Lettuce Grow promises that in as little as three weeks, you could be enjoying your first products.

lettuce grow how it works screenshot guide

How Do Farmstands Work?

Lettuce Grow Farmstands are a vase-like base around which your plants grow. Each farmstand measures 1 foot and 10 inches in diameter. Heights differ based on how many glow rings are attached to it. Farmstand heights range from 3 feet 9 inches to 6 feet and 2 inches.

Each farmstand can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 36 plants. Essentially, it is a vertical garden where the higher it goes, the more plant varieties you can grow.

The base of the Farmstand acts as a water reservoir and water pump for your plants, using less electricity than a basic light bulb. It has a compartment where you can conveniently add water and plant food. This receptacle is where you will check and test pH water levels.

The Lettuce Grow Farmstands are made from ocean-bound plastic and need 98% less water than conventional gardening.

This hydroponic garden system allows you to grow a number of plants with the following configurations:

  •   12-plant Farmstand: 3-6 vegetables, 3-6 herbs, and up to 6 leafy greens
  •   18-plant Farmstand: 3-6 vegetables, 3-6 herbs, and up to 12 leafy greens
  •   24-plant Farmstand: 6 vegetables, 6 herbs, and 12 leafy greens
  •   30-plant Farmstand: 6 vegetables, 6 herbs, and 18 leafy greens
  •   36-plant Farmstand: 6-8 vegetables, 6-8 herbs, and up to 24 leafy greens
lettuce grow farmstand five sizes

Farm Stand Glow Rings

If you plan to use your Lettuce Grow Farmstand indoors, you should also plan to purchase the glow rings, which is an indoor light system that can integrate with your unit. They’re incredibly beautiful, and help provide your gardening system with the light it needs year-round.

Some Notes Regarding The Glow Rings

  • These LED lights draw 96W, which is good for plants but not blinding for humans
  • You should never drape objects on the Glow Rings
  • You will need power access for these lights
  • The Glow Rings come with a CA Prop 65 warning on some internal electrical components

What’s Included With Your Glow Rings?

  • Cabled Glow Ring(s)
  • Pipe coupler
  • Pipe extension
  • Power supply
  • Timer (for lights turning on and off)

Installing Your First Farmstand

You should have at least 4 square feet of level floor space for your smart hydroponic garden. Since a Lettuce Grow Farmstand needs to be constantly connected to an electrical source, you should also plan to have an electrical outlet nearby.

Farmstands need minimal assembly. You only need to get the base, tiered planters, water pumps and grow lights (if you’re using them) for your hydroponic growing system to start growing fresh greens. Don’t worry, there’s a detailed instruction manual that comes with it.

Adding Seedlings To Your Farmstand

Installing seedlings is incredibly easy. Simply take them out of the plastic containers, remove the detachable baskets from the Farmstand, and pop the seedlings inside. Make sure the plant roots are pressing against the bottom of the basket. At this point, return the basket to the unit. 

For awareness, the seedlings contain a grow medium that’s a mix of coco coir and sustainably sourced peat moss. When growing using hydroponics, a growing medium that’s different than soil is required.

Fruiting plants like tomatoes should go on the bottom levels of your unit, while others plants, like greens and herbs, should go toward the top of the system.

Check out this video from Lettuce Grow for more information:

What Can I Grow With It?

If you can’t decide what to grow, the Lettuce Grow website has guides and articles, including an online quiz to help you. Some of the popular options which are available for your vegetable garden are broccoli, green beans, romaine lettuce, other varieties of lettuce, herbs, sweet peas, and other leafy greens. Lettuce Grow has over 200 varieties for you to choose from. They deliver pre-sprouted plants from their own seeds (which are non-GMO) to make caring for them easier.

Once your Farmstand with its new seedlings is settled, you only need to check the water tank’s water level, mix in the plant nutrients which came with your smart garden and conduct a pH test from time to time. A pH test kit for home use is included with the product.

lettuce grow available seedlings

A Note About Using Grow Lights

If you use grow lights, check on your plants now and then to ensure that the leaves are not directly pressed against the lights. If the leaves of the plants are too close to the lights, they may develop burn marks.

Who says you can’t have your own garden? Don’t let small spaces and poor lighting stop you. If you still can’t see the benefits of growing your own vegetables, read on.

Does Lettuce Grow Have A Subscription Service?

I wish this were an easy question to answer. As far as I can tell, Lettuce Grow used to have a subscription service, which is mentioned in several blogs and reviews. Currently, though, it does not offer a subscription fee for things like seedlings.

That said, it does offer seedlings at a fantastic rate. Most are only $2.50 for a fully grown seedling, which is very competitive in the personal hydroponic system space. Also, they have free shipping on orders of 12 seedlings or more.

Does Lettuce Grow Save You Money?

Unlike smaller hydroponic gardens that are more for hobbyists, the larger Lettuce Grow Farmstands can actually save you money at the store. Especially if you are growing plants that produce large amounts of produce – like lettuce – you can justify the costs of Lettuce Grow. Comparable hydroponic sytems with 30 or more plants grown at a single time claim to save you $1,000 in home-grown greens per year. 

Advantages of Lettuce Grow

Starting your own farm project has never been this easy. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still have a 24-plant system (or even more). Here are a couple more reasons to consider:

Aesthetic Value

Well, you’ll have to eat them one day, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the refreshing beauty of your plants. Having plants indoors can help boost your mood, creativity, and productivity. Some people believe that the mere sight of green objects can invigorate tired eyes.

The Farmstand base also has a minimalist and simple beauty. If you love having plants around for their aesthetic beauty, you can even include some edible flowers to your Farmstand mix.

Health Benefits

You can be sure that the food you’re feeding yourself and your family is safe and free from harmful chemicals because:

  •   Lettuce Grow uses non-GMO seeds for their seedlings. They do not use any pesticides in growing them.
  •   The plastic used for the Farmstand base is made from ocean-bound, BPA-free, FDA food-grade plastic recovered from coastal communities.

Enjoy Your Crops Year Round

You can enjoy salad greens from your tower garden the entire year regardless of your geographic location. You don’t have to worry about early spring, hot summers, and cool-season crops. As long as you follow the care instructions and keep your plants indoors, Farmstand plants work year-round no matter where you are in the United States.

Farmstands are not season-based, nor are they dependent on any elements other than the ones specified by Lettuce Grow. All you need is a bit of space, an electric outlet, and 5 minutes a week.

Requires Minimal Effort

The only care you need to provide these hydroponic plants is testing the pH levels, mixing plant nutrients into the water, and ensuring that the minimum water level is maintained. That’s not a bad deal for 36 different crops in as little as 3 weeks.

Additionally, hydroponic plants are also known for having a lot of flavor. Isn’t that a big win for someone who may or may not have a green thumb?

Overall, you should spend no more than 5-10 minutes per week on your Lettuce Grow Farmstand.

Great Product Support

Lettuce Grow has a phone number (1-512-234-4001), email ([email protected]), and an accompanying app for after-sales service and support. Their website alone has tons of useful information for would-be gardeners.

The mobile app is very useful and helps you understand what it means to have a smart garden:

  •   If you already have a Farmstand, you can easily reorder new seedlings from their app.
  •   You can also take a picture of your plant and submit it on the app to find out what kind of plant it is.
  •   The Lettuce Grow app will send you reminders for when you need to check your pH levels, order new seedlings, etc.
  •   You can get a lot of valuable information about the plants you’re growing from the app such as the flavor of your plant, its growth stages, and even recipes.
lettuce grow mobile app

Other Member Benefits

If you create an account on their website, you can log on to My Farm where you can see delivery updates for seedlings and suggestions on what else you can plant.

For those who are active on social media, there is a Lettuce Grow Facebook group and a YouTube channel for tips on harvesting, pruning, and more.

Promotes Sustainability

Growing your own food with Lettuce Grow means less carbon emissions from transportation, reduced water use, and the use of recycled ocean-bound plastic from communities with no recycling initiatives. The seedlings are delivered in recyclable eco-conscious packaging.

In contrast to produce that comes from grocery stores, Lettuce Grow’s homegrown plants translate into a 95% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions, water use, and waste.

Another good thing about growing your own food is it entails less food waste. You take only what you need for each meal and nothing more.

Cons of the Lettuce Grow System

While the Lettuce Grow Farmstands are top-tier hydroponic systems in their space, no product is ever perfect. Before buying a Farmstand, consider some of this product’s drawbacks and disadvantages.

Here are some cons that to think about when considering this product:


The Farmstand is not cheap especially if you need to purchase glow rings. The cheapest base will cost you a few hundred dollars. In addition to the expense of the initial purchase, you will also need to buy seedlings from them to keep your Farmstand going.

However, if you can afford the upfront expense and reordering seedlings now and then, it is a quality product that seems to deliver on its promise of healthy homegrown food with minimal effort.

Monthly Installments

Though expensive, they are affiliated with financial lending company Affirm. This gives you the option to pay in monthly installments of up to 12 months without late fees, finance charges, or other hidden costs.

Noise and Light Sensitivity

Depending on how sensitive you are to sound, the noise from the water pump can be too distracting. If you value a totally quiet environment, consider the fact that the water pump needs to operate 24/7.

The glow rings also need to operate constantly. Some people may find the lights too bright for small areas so you should also think about how having these lights turned on all the time might affect you.

Lack of an Easy Identification System

It would have been nice if Lettuce Grow also incorporated some kind of labeling system for the names of the plants that you’re growing. Of course, there is the Lettuce Grow app, but it’s also more convenient and practical to be able to look at your plant and immediately identify what plant it is. Reading labels is just quicker and more practical. Both Gardyn and AeroGarden do this a bit better.

Lettuce Grow Vs. Other Hydroponics

If you’re looking for other hydroponics system, there are a lot of other options out there with similar capabilities. Some of the direct competitors of Lettuce Grow are Gardyn (we have a Gardyn vs. Lettuce Grow review here), and iHarvest.

For balcony growing or other outdoor garden growing, Lettuce Grow is the clear winner in the hydroponic space.

In terms of germination rates, Lettuce Grow is the clear winner because all their plants ship to you as seedlings. This is incredibly rare in the space, as Gardyn ships you seed pods, and iHarvest doesn’t include and seed options at all.

Check out our reviews below:

Who Owns Lettuce Grow?

Founders Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel own Lettuce Grow. Since May 2019 they have been delivering Farmstands. In that time, Farmstands have grown more than 660,000 greens, vegetables, and fruits and conserved over 13 million gallons of water. Their headquarters is located in Marina del Rey.

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Is Lettuce Grow Worth It?

If you can afford it, Farmstands are a great way to try growing your own food, especially if it is your first time. Its ease of use and the great support it provides its customers make hydroponics an interesting and fun experience.

This is an amazing product and a significant investment that you can enjoy with your family. If you have kids, this is a fun way to teach them about sustainability, organic food, and food-to-table concepts. What’s more is that you end up spending less at the grocery store when you use hydroponic systems like the Farmstand.

It’s also easy to feel rewarded for your easy and small steps since in a bit of time you can already enjoy fresh lettuce, peppers, strawberries, and whatever else you fancy.

Whether you decide to go for it or not, isn’t it a joy to think that the future of hydroponics only takes 5 minutes a week and even people without gardening experience can produce delicious results?

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