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The Ultimate VegeBox Review (With 9 Tips For Success)

Indoor hydroponics systems are everywhere these days, and VegeBox is an interesting competitor on the market. At first glance, it has many of the basic functions of the top competitors on the market, including AeroGarden. And it’s surprisingly affordable. But is this advanced indoor garden worth the hype?

Whether you’re a serious gardener or you’re just stretching your green thumb for the first time, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this hydroponic system. In this VegeBox review, we’re looking at the following:

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What Is Vegebox hydroponics?

The VegeBox is a high-performance smart gardening device that makes it simple to maintain an indoor garden. Anyone can grow fresh herbs at any time of year from their kitchen counters. Choose VegeBox, and your plants will enjoy spring weather all year long.

Vegebox relies on hydroponics to grow plants 1.5x faster than traditional growing methods. Non-GMO plants are grown with no herbicides and no pesticides, and it’s an incredibly convenient way to bring the garden indoors.

vegebox turn on and off with max 2L (1)

Where To Buy Vegebox

You can buy Vegebox through their site or online retailers like Amazon.

Vegebox Models And Pricing

VegeBox currently has five models available. Here is a comparison look at each garden.

Vegebox Hydroponics Review

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Vegebox brand. Their products look incredibly similar to those from AeroGarden and Veritable Gardens, but their website is a little piece-meal. They don’t have an About Us page, which I find concerning, and their site has a surprising amount of grammatical and spelling errors. And their category titles appear to be copied directly from AeroGarden’s website. That said, their products have a variety of reviews on Amazon from verified buyers, leaving me to believe that they are legitimate – even if their site leaves much to be desired.

There’s also the relative newness of this brand on the market. Their website doesn’t appear to be very established in the industry. Still, our online tools indicate that over 800 people in the United States are searching for information on VegeBox every month.  It’s all very…odd. 

These branding concerns aside, here is our take on the pros and cons of Vegebox and its products. 



Above all else, VegeBox is an affordable brand in the personal hydroponic space. Their flagship system is typically under $100 on Amazon and can hold up to nine plants. For comparison, this is a similar price to the AeroGarden Sprout, which can only hold three seed pods at a single time. And while there aren’t as many bells and whistles as there are on the AeroGarden models, the hydroponics aspect functions similarly. 


All of the VegeBox models allow you to grow several plants on most kitchen counters. 


While VegeBox wouldn’t be our first pick for producing significant quantities of greens, it does make an excellent project for children and students. Kids can gather around and watch as the plants grow from seedlings into mature plants. And if you’re worried about your kids liking fruits and veggies, growing at home creates a sense of ownership for kids. And when it comes to food, ownership makes everything taste better!

Plant Growth

Hydroponics is a method of growing that can produce larger plants at a faster rate. This means that you’ll have harvests earlier than you traditionally would in a garden outside. Rapid growth is one of the biggest perks of VegeBox and similar systems.

Because VegeBox allows you to grow indoors, it’s the perfect solution for people trying to extend their garden year and growing season.

Fun Gift

If your friends and family love to garden, the VegeBox is a fun and affordable gift option. It’s also incredibly compact, so your loved ones won’t feel stressed about finding a place to put their system.

Modern New Design

The VegeBox is a classy but straightforward piece of technology. It looks great on a kitchen counter or a living room side table. It’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

How Does Vegebox Compare To Other Hydroponic Systems?

At this point, there are nearly ten personal hydroponics brands common to the market. Of the different products available, I typically consider them as part of two distinct categories – the vertical growers and the horizontal growers.

Vegebox products are part of the horizontal grower’s category, and this is similar to the following brands in the space:

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Is VegeBox the best system available? It depends on what you’re looking for. As we said above, VegeBox seems to mirror the AeroGarden products. But VegeBox can grow more plants at a single time, and it’s cheaper than AeroGarden systems. 

That said, AeroGarden has fewer complaints about malfunctions with its products – and AeroGarden has quite a few unique functionalities – such as an app – that help simplify your growing process.

man sitting in couch with vegebox plant

What Comes With Your Vegebox?

When you purchase your Vegebox, you’ll also receive the following in the box:

  • Smart Spectrum lamp hood
  • Nutrient Solution
    • Nutrient A 
    • Nutrient B
  • Power Adapter 
  • Vegebox Guide
  • Water Tank
  • Seed Tray
  • Planting Hats
  • User Manual
  • Accessory Bag
    • Plant Tray
    • Sponges
    • Net Pots
    • Tweezers
    • Measuring Cup (to measure nutrients)

vegebox seed box steps on how to use

How To Setup Your VegeBox

Setting up your VegeBox is incredibly simple and only takes a few minutes. When you receive the box, start by removing all the components. Before putting together the unit, you’ll need to germinate the seeds in your starter kit. Add them to the sponge and fill up the small box with water to the fill line. The seeds should germinate within about seven days.

Once germinated, put your seed box on top of the VegeBox tray so that it receives direct light. Do this for 1-3 days.

Place the net pots into the pod slots of the VegeBox. 

If you aren’t using all the plant holes, you need to use the green planting hats to cover the openings. Not doing this will cause algae to grow in nutrient-rich water.

Speaking of this, follow directions to add liquid nutrients to the water. You will add nutrition A and Nutrition B to the water in your tank.

From there, use the easy start button and smart lighting technology to start growing! You can typically expect a harvest within 28 days.

What Can You Grow In Vegebox?

While VegeBox doesn’t come with seeds, like many of its competitors, it can grow most small plants, including herbs and greens. If you’re set on tomatoes or other tall-growing plants, the Vegebox may not be the best option. A larger AeroGarden Model, such as the Aerogarden Farm, is a better option for something like that.

We suggest you start with a gourmet herbs seed kit from a seed provider or try some of your favorite greens to give your family salads on demand. From there, you can branch out to different crops and see what works best for you!

Here are some common plants that are grown hydroponically in personal systems:

Final Thoughts

The VegeBox is a great starter kit if you’re trying to grow hydroponically for the first time. It’s also good for those who don’t have a large outdoor space (or a tiny kitchen) and still want to have a harvest at any time of the year. Whether you want to grow lots of fresh herbs, greens, or even some fruits like strawberries, this is a great option to try at home.

Have you purchased the VegeBox recently? We want to hear about it. Send your story and any pictures to [email protected], and we might share it in an article!

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