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AeroGarden Farm Family: A Review Of The Largest AeroGarden Models

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The pandemic has turned many of us into gardeners, with over 80 million new growers trying out this new hobby for the first time. With the AeroGarden Farm, you can grow all your favorite outdoor plants from the comfort of your home. This means that you can keep up your new hobby even in the cold winter months. AeroGarden hydroponics allows gardeners of all levels to give their green thumbs some practice.

The AeroGarden Farm is the biggest family of products from AeroGarden, and their mother company AeroGrow. And bigger means more veggies, salad greens, fresh herbs, and everything in between that you can grow without stepping a foot outdoors. 

Let’s take a look at the AeroGarden Farm. We will start with the basics, review the pros and cons of this indoor garden, compare it with other hydroponic systems and then finish off with yields and costs. By the end, we hope to make you experts in this flashy unit, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

aerogarden farm hydroponics

Where To Buy The AeroGarden Farm

If you’re ready to purchase the AeroGarden Farm, you can do so through our Amazon affiliate link. The AeroGarden Farm is the largest family of products from AeroGarden, and there are many models and families to fit any budget or need. Take a look at these other reviews on the AeroGarden Bounty, The AeroGarden Sprout, and the AeroGarden Harvest 360

AeroGarden Farm: Overview

The AeroGarden Farm family is not a single product, but several different hydroponic units under the AeroGarden Farm umbrella. The difference between these indoor gardens mainly comes down to the amount of seed pods that can be grown at a time. In the chart below, we point out the differences and “grow height” of each model. A larger grow height is useful if you’re growing taller vegetables or plants, such as cherry tomatoes. 

Note: Prices may vary due to sales and discounts.

Since the AeroGarden Farm Family is the largest of the AeroGarden models, it likely won’t fit your average countertop. Like other AeroGarden hydroponic units, it is still easy to set up and grow – no green thumb required.

For most Farm indoor gardeners, I recommend growing fresh herbs, smaller veggies, or salad greens. For most of these plants, you could make do with the Farm 24Basic. You could also do the Farm 12, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The Farm 12 is $200 more expensive than the AeroGarden Bounty and only has three more seed slots. That’s a hefty price for something that will only generate three additional plants.

What’s Included With Your AeroGarden Farm?

When you receive your AeroGarden Farm in the mail, it arrives in a 48 lb box from AeroGrow International, Inc. As you unbox your indoor garden, here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 60W LED Light System – Two LED Grow Lights/light panels for Farm 24 models
  • Water Basin – Two Water Basins for Farm 24 models
  • Seed Tray – 12-24 seed pod holes, depending on model
  • Light Hood with control panel (Amazon Alexa integrated)
  • Liquid Plant Food
  • Power Adapter
  • Trellis
  • Your choice of two seed pod kits (salad bar herbs and lettuces, salad bar tomatoes or heirloom salad greens)
  • Metal wire strands (for raising and lowering your lights)
  • Metal rods (for the base and support of the indoor garden)
  • Hi-Resolution Touch-Screen Control Panel

AeroGarden Farm Details

  • Nutrient reminder: Yes
  • Automated Lights: Yes
  • Dimmable Lights: Yes
  • Vacation Mode: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Material Finish: Matt or Stainless Steel
  • Light Wattage: 60W LED Grow Lights
  • These indoor gardens are stackable, which is a significant space saver.
  • You can grow up to 24 plants at a time.
AeroGarden  Farm Model Height Width Depth
Farm 12 34” 18” 14”
Farm 12XL farm12xl 46” 18” 14”
Farm 24Basic farm24basic 24” 36” 14”
Farm 24Plus farm24plus 34” 36” 14”
Farm 24XL farm24xl 46” 36” 14”

LED Grow Light Used For AeroGarden Farm

The 60 W LED light panels on the Farm are tailored to give your plants the light they need. These full-spectrum – white, blue, and red LED lights provide optimal growth. What’s more, the two independently adjustable light panels can be raised and lowered with the touch of a button. This means you can grow plants that are at different heights.

The control panel features the ability to dim grow lights and set a sunrise/sunset feature, which gradually dims and brightens the grow lights so you can slowly wake up and put your plants to bed at night.

Review for the AeroGarden Farm

Check the price of the AeroGarden Farm on Amazon.

The AeroGarden Farm is the supreme growing machine with up to 24 pods for plants and veggies. While results across the internet vary slightly, many AeroGarden growers report yields larger than they can eat. Others mention that they can grow enough greens for three side salads every 3-5 days. Is that enough to feed your family during an apocalypse? Probably not. But it can certainly put a dent in your veggie and salad bar budget! 

The AeroGarden Farm models also come with some bells and whistles, such as smart Wi-Fi connectivity (Amazon Alexa), a digital touchscreen with controls, and the ability to stack farms. And stacking farms means your growing space can now be vertical instead of horizontal. What’s more, you can connect everything to the AeroGarden app, which helps you know when to feed, water, and harvest your plants and veggies.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this hydroponic garden, so you can decide if it makes sense for your indoor gardening needs.

AeroGarden Farm Pros

Setup Time

The AeroGarden Farm instructions are straightforward, and you can expect to put yours together within 30 minutes to an hour if you read the directions carefully.

The Digital Display – Touchscreen Control Panel

The digital display on the Farm takes all the guesswork out of gardening. You input what you want to grow, it tells you when to feed your plant with nutrients, and it reminds you when your water levels are too low. This touchscreen control panel is also where you set your automatic light timer. This allows you to decide when you want the 60W LED shining on your plants.


While the actual yields will vary depending on the type of seeds you start with, you can grow up to 24 plants in the Farm Models – far more than the other families from AeroGarden. The Bounty and Harvest families are wonderful, but they are more of a hobby or an accent piece. The Farm Model can be a source of plants and veggies for you and your family to eat and enjoy. So if you’re strictly looking for large yields, the AeroGarden Farm is better than other AeroGarden units.


Hydroponic Benefits

Like all AeroGarden Models, the Farm grows using hydroponics. In other words, it doesn’t grow in soil. So there’s next to no mess involved. Another benefit of hydroponics is that your plants will grow 2-5x faster than traditional methods.


Smart Device

The Farm family is pretty smart! You can connect the AeroGarden Farm to WiFi and Amazon Alexa. You can also control your AeroGarden and get updates on your phone with the AeroGarden app for IOS and Android.

Longer Growing Season

Since you’re growing indoors, you don’t have to worry about cold conditions. Your plants will be as warm as you are during the brisk winter months. You can grow fresh plants all year round.

Fresh and Non-GMO

With AeroGarden Farm, you don’t need to worry about pesticides, herbicides, or anything else added to your plants. AeroGarden also provides seed kits that are non-GMO, which some growers appreciate.


Sleek Design

AeroGarden does a fantastic job of making products that look good. The majority of hydroponic gardens on the market look like they’ve been Frankenstein’d together – with bits of plastic, tubes, and multi-colored lights popping out in all directions. The makers of the AeroGarden have found a balance between practical and aesthetically pleasing. The Farm gives your home a splash of color.


The Farm’s pump hardly makes a sound. It’s quiet for such a large hydroponic system. I have worked with loud indoor garden units in the past, and trust me – a noisy pump humming all day and night is enough to make anyone feel crazy.

Indoor Plant Benefits

Growing anything indoors has been shown to improve air quality and mood. And as many people have found during the pandemic, growing or taking care of anything can be a nice distraction from other stressors. 


AeroGarden is known for making the most of small spaces. While the AeroGarden Farm models are larger than other models, they still make use of small square footage. And if you purchase multiple Farms, you can stack them together with a handy stacking system.

Germination Guarantee

If your seeds don’t germinate, have no fear. AeroGarden has a germination guarantee, meaning you can request replacements if any of your seeds don’t produce. All of my seeds have germinated since owning AeroGarden products, but there are some growers who’ve experienced issues. They were able to request replacements successfully.



The AeroGarden Farm comes with a powerful light that’s blinding. This 60W LED can light up a room and then some, and for those with sensitive eyes, it could easily give you a headache. I recommend one of the following options: First, you can put the Farm in a garage, basement, shed, or anywhere with little foot traffic. Another option is to set the automatic light to be on when everyone else is asleep. This is a good choice if you want to place the Farm in your living room or kitchen. It’s pretty distracting. 


Most models from AeroGarden are on the expensive side. And the Farm gardens, which can support the most plants at a single time, are most costly by far. They’re also the most practical, producing greater yields than other models. See pricing for the AeroGarden Farm models on Amazon.

Customer Service

AeroGarden makes objectively good products. But there are several comments across the internet about AeroGarden’s poor customer service. These comments mention that it’s challenging to get help when seeds don’t germinate or a manufacturing error. I’ve never had to contact customer service for our AeroGarden, but that’s because we haven’t had any issues. Therefore, I cannot give first-hand experience on their customer service.

Reviews From Across the Internet

The response to the AeroGarden Farm has been mostly positive. Here is a comprehensive look at what people are saying about these indoor garden models. Reviews of Farm 24Plus: 4/5 Stars

  • Value: 3.8/5
  • Appearance: 4.6/5
  • Ease of Use: 4.3/5
Highlighted Favorable Review: Easy To Set Up And Use

“I got the AeroGarden as a Christmas gift, and it took us 20 minutes to build it and 10 minutes to set it up and start the growing process! So easy to use, and two days later, I had sprouts! So excited to have fresh veggies and herbs! I live in an apartment, so I was bummed when I couldn’t have a garden, but thanks to AeroGarden, I can!! And I can have fresh veggies and herbs year-round!!”

Highlighted Critical Review:

“We’ve had our Farm Plus for about three years. The first crop did great. Then the next year or so didn’t go so well. Plants wouldn’t grow, pods wouldn’t sprout, harvested more gnats than plants. Called support, they said to use hydrogen peroxide in water to kill gnats – just killed plants. Trellis won’t stay on supports unless taped. This year has gone better. I’m at 240 days of growth on one side and 45 days on the other, growing lettuce. Still get fungus gnats, use Apple Cider Vinegar solution. Now the left side lights don’t work. The light set works, but the control won’t turn on the lights. See the photo of how I’ve had to rig the system, so all plants get light. Customer service has not helped get me the parts I need to have it fully functional. I would still love to finish taking care of my needs as the last contact was one month ago.”

Disclaimer: There is a limited warranty for this product, covering manufacturing issues up until the first year of purchase. Reviews of Farm 24XL 4.2/5 Stars


Highlighted Favorable Review: New Farm 24XL Sturdy and Nice Quality

“I have many different models of AeroGarden and saw the New Farm 24 XL and bought one. Here is my full review and pictures of what I am explaining (Edited to add: Pictures do not show in the order I counted them)

The package arrived by UPS and in decent condition. The side shows what the unit is. It weighs approximately 55lbs (give or take a couple).

Upon opening the top of the box, you will see two pod kits (one Salad Bar Tomatoes and one Salad Bar & Herbs), a planting guide, assembly instructions (both of which have nice quality on thick glossy paper), recipes, white box. This white box contains two cords, a trellis system, cord holders, screws, washers, and a nice easy to use tool.

Once you remove the above items, you will find a box that reads “Remove This Box First.” In that box, you will find the two side panels. Next to that, you will see the left and right LED hoods. Under those hoods are the basins and decks. Lastly, there are two support rods. You will also notice a small black box with an L and R on it. This is for the pump and water level. Under all this will be the last item, the Top Panel. Each side of the top panel has a small cubby that is hidden with a door. In the right rise, you will find a drain pump.

The packaging of the Farm 24 XL is well done. No complaints on this at all.

The Assembly Booklet is very easy to understand. You will find several sets of pictures showing me putting it together. Without writing a Step by Step guide here (since the booklet is well done), I will explain the pictures’ sets.

You will see the beginning of set up placing the side panels to the AeroGarden Farm’s top. (I will say that all the screws are of excellent quality).

Next, you will see some cords plugged into the top panel’s underside and the support rods at the bottom and turned right side up.

I decided to place it on a stand (personal decision and not included with the unit). Next, I put the water basins and decks on the frame. They fit nicely into the support rods. Once these are in place, you connect the water level and pump adapter.

Then you install the LED Hoods. You will need something to assist in taking out the small round plugs.

Lastly, you have the magnetic trellis system. Easy to set up. These are magnetic, so they can be moved very easily or taken off when not in use.

Total assembly time was under an hour.

Pros: Sturdy and quality parts. Nice tool given.

Cons: A Few pictures may seem a tad confusing at first, but as long as you take your time, you will do fine. The trellis system falls off easily but is just as easy to put back on without using the three centerpieces. As long as these are attached, it stays in place.

Final Thought: “I am pleased with my purchase.”

Highlighted Critical Review: the ultimate

“This aero garden is the ultimate in indoor growing, I am sure.

It is fairly high and wide, it has the same size as one of my bookcases, so you need to find the appropriate space, which also has an outlet to plug everything in.

The fact that you don’t use any dirt is a big pro for me – no messes and no constant picking up of dirt on the floor.

A word about the installation – we counted 40 various screws and pieces, etc. That’s a lot and discouraging. It does assemble fairly easily, but it still took us 30 minutes – which I think is a bit much. I know that sending them in pieces is better on price and less risk of breaking in transport, but assembling was a bit much on this one.

The lamps are relatively easy to install and are quite bright. After reading the manual, we set up the “growing” portion of this AeroGarden. I love how easy and clean it is. Insert the pods, and the system will inform you when you need to add water and/or feed the plants.

This system is designed to accommodate taller plants as well.

The whole thing is like a garden all in one.”

Aerogarden day 17 pruning

What Can You Grow In the AeroGarden Farm?

You can grow most fruits, fresh veggies, and flowers in AeroGarden garden systems, whether you try one of AeroGrow’s 70+ seed pods or use your own seeds with the Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit. And for those of you wondering – yes, you can grow weed in the AeroGarden. It’s not an option in their traditional seed pod kits, but there are enough message boards and reports to confirm that it’s a viable way to grow marijuana. That said, we have not been able to confirm the quality or yields of marijuana harvests.

 We don’t recommend growing everything in the AeroGarden Farm. Tuberous plants, such as carrots, potatoes, onions, or peanuts would be challenging – if not impossible – to grow in these systems. 

For first-time growers, consider growing heirloom salad greens or fresh herbs in your garden. They’re easy to grow, and they look aesthetically pleasing. My wife and I didn’t have as much luck when we tried heirloom cherry tomatoes – they were tasteless – and the plants looked pretty bad before we started the harvest. If you’re set on tomatoes, feel free to give it a try. But it wasn’t our favorite harvest with the AeroGarden.

Not sure what to grow? Take a look at some of the most popular seed kits from AeroGarden.

Seed Kit Name Kit Category Kit Includes Number of Pods Rating Purchase
Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Fresh Herbs Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Thyme, Chive, Mint, and Dill 7 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
International Basil Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Fresh Herbs Genovese, Napolitano, Marseille, Lemon, Thai, Globe, and Purple  7 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Italian Herbs Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Fresh Herbs Genovese Basil, Italian Parsley, Oregano, Savory, Thyme, Chives, and Mint 7 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Pesto Basil Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Fresh Herbs 7 Genovese Basil 7 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Fresh Tea Seed Kit (3-Pod) Fresh Herbs Lavender, Chamomile, and Mint 3 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Pesto Basil Seed Pod Kit (3-Pod) Fresh Herbs 3 Genovese Basil 3 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Fresh Veggies 4 Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato, 3 Jalapeno Peppers 7 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Thai Pepper Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Fresh Veggies 7 Thai Peppers 7 Pods 5/5 stars See Pricing
Cayenne Pepper Seed Pod Kit (Tall Garden Kit) Fresh Veggies 3 Cayenne Peppers and 10 spacers 3 Pods 5/5 stars See Pricing
Banana Pepper Seed Pod Kit (Tall Garden Kit) Fresh Veggies 3 Banana Peppers and 10 Spacers 3 Pods N/A See Pricing
Fairy Tale Eggplant (Tall Garden Kit) Fresh Veggies 3 Fairy Tale Eggplant Seed Pods and 10 spacers 3 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Custom Tomato/Pepper Seed Pod Kit for 6-Pod AeroGardens Fresh Veggies Your choice of 3 tomatoes and 3 peppers 6 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Custom Tomato/Pepper Seed Pod Kit for 9-Pod AeroGardens Fresh Veggies Your choice of 9 peppers or tomatoes 9 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Mixed Romaine Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod) Salad Greens 7 Green and Red Romaine Lettuces 7 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit (9-Pod) Salad Greens Your choice of 3 pre-seeded pods – 18 varieties to choose from!  9 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Custom Salad Seed Pod Kit (3-Pod) Salad Greens Your choice of 3 pre-seeded pods – 18 varieties to choose from!  3 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Custom Salad Seed Pod Kit (6-Pod) Salad Greens Your choice of 6 pre-seeded pods – 18 varieties to choose from! 6 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Custom Salad Seed Pod Kit (9-Pod) Salad Greens Your choice of 9 pre-seeded pods – 18 varieties to choose from! 9 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Custom Salad Seed Pod Kit (12-Pod) Salad Greens Your choice of 12 pre-seeded pods – 18 varieties to choose from! 12 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Cascading Petunias Seed Pod Kit (9-Pod) Flower Kit 9 pre-seeded Grow Pods with a mix of pink, purple and white petunias 9 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Lots of Lavender Seed Pod Kit (6-Pod) Flower Kit 6 pre-seeded Purple Elegance Lavender Grow Pods 6 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Lots of Dots Seed Pod Kit (3-Pod) Flower Kit 3 pre-seeded Polka Dot Plant Grow Pods 3 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Custom Flower Seed Pod Kit (3-Pod) Flower Kit Your choice of 3 pre-seeded Custom Flower pods – 12 varieties to choose from! 3 Pods ⅗ stars See Pricing
Custom Flower Seed Pod Kit (6-Pod) Flower Kit Your choice of 6 pre-seeded Custom Flower pods – 12 varieties to choose from! 6 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing
Custom Flower Seed Pod Kit (12-Pod) Flower Kit Your choice of 12 pre-seeded Custom Flower pods – 12 varieties to choose from! 12 Pods ⅘ stars See Pricing

How Does AeroGarden Work?

All AeroGarden indoor gardens work using the same three components: an LED light, a water bowl with a grow deck, and a pump that regularly moves water and nutrients across the plants’ roots. This gardening system, called hydroponics, doesn’t use soil or other mediums to grow plants. The AeroGarden LED grow light is set on a timer, giving your plants the necessary sunshine they need throughout the day. This hands-off approach is perfect for new and seasoned gardeners alike. The only maintenance required is to semi-regularly clean out the basin and the pump, becoming clogged with roots and other debris.

What Is AeroGarden?

AeroGarden is a countertop hydroponics company that specializes in sleek indoor gardens. Its mother company AeroGrow International is one of the leaders in the space, allowing gardeners with a wide range of talents to grow plants indoors. The first AeroGarden model was released in March 2006, and their line of products has expanded to include many models, including the AeroGarden Farm. In 2013, Miracle-Gro invested $4.5+ million into AeroGrow and AeroGarden products, which has allowed AeroGarden to become the leading line of products in the indoor gardening space.

showing aerogarden plant roots

AeroGarden Farm Limited Warranty

The AeroGarden Farm includes a limited warranty for one year after the original purchase. This limited warranty covers any quality or material defects. It doesn’t cover any damage caused by the owner or other incidental or consequential damages, and AeroGarden will only cover defects within their control. 

If you notice that your AeroGarden Farm has arrived damaged, contact AeroGarden and request authorization of return. Once they’ve given this, you can send the defective unit back for repairs or replacement.

Other AeroGarden Models

There are several AeroGarden models, with the main differences between them being the number of seed pod holes, the indoor garden’s height, and the price. Here is a quick guide to the different AeroGarden Families besides the AeroGarden Farm. You can also view reviews of the AeroGarden Bounty, the AeroGarden Harvest 360, and the AeroGarden Sprout.

AeroGarden Model Family Max Number Of Seed Pods Grow Height Max Price
Bounty Basic Bounty 9 24” $343.00
Bounty Bounty 9 24” $399.95
Bounty Elite Bounty 9 24” $429.95
Bounty Elite Artisan Bounty 9 24” Out of Stock
Harvest Harvest 6 12” $149.95
Harvest Elite Harvest 6 12” $177.25
Harvest 360 Harvest 6 12” $149.95
Harvest Elite Slim Harvest 6 12” Out of Stock
Harvest Elite 360 Harvest 6 12” $179.95

Where To Buy The AeroGarden Farm?

You can purchase the AeroGarden Farm models on Amazon. Each indoor garden’s price varies by size, with the Farm models ranging from $695-$895 before discounts. Smaller models, including the AeroGarden Bounty, AeroGarden Harvest, and AeroGarden Sprout, cost anywhere from $99-$429.95 before discounts. We specifically mention discounts because AeroGarden is known to offer specials and deals regularly.

Final Thoughts On The AeroGarden Farm

The AeroGarden Farm models are high-performing indoor gardens, perfect for the gardener who wants to grow large yields without leaving their living room. If you’re looking to get the most from your gardening system, we recommend getting the larger models like the Farm 24Basic, the AeroGarden Farm Plus, or the Farm 24XL. You can grow twice as many plants at a single time than the smaller Farm models. And if you’re already paying the hefty price tag for the AeroGarden Farm, you likely expect to grow large amounts of salad greens and veggies for your family. 

But whatever you decide, the AeroGarden Farm models are great options for gardeners – no green thumb required!

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