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AeroGarden – Learn All About Its LED Grow Lights

AeroGarden LED Grow Lights enable indoor gardening enthusiasts to grow plants inside their homes regardless of the lighting conditions. Indoor gardening is now fast and convenient. Your typical AeroGarden kit comes with plant food, seed pods, grow domes, a power cord adapter, and an AeroGarden with LED Grow Lights. 

When putting together your AeroGarden, make sure that the grow deck is properly positioned on the bowl. You must also ensure that the bowl is securely aligned in the base. The next step is to plug the pump cord into the connector. You’ll find the connector at the rear of the base. Then, connect the power cord adapter. Add water and plant food as per the instructions. Put the AeroGarden seed pods in the grow deck apertures and cover them with grow domes. 

We recommend you keep the growing Light about 4 to 6 inches above the plants. Your little buds will love all the light you can shower them with. If you are planning to grow different kinds of plants side by side in the same AeroGarden, you will notice how the growth patterns, sizes, and shapes will vary. Take Basil, for instance. It’s the perfect example of a plant that needs only one day to shoot up. It emerges very quickly. Therefore, if you raise the Grow Light solely for Basil, you must know that this plant will take over, hampering the growth of other plants in the same AeroGarden.

45W LED AeroGarden Grow Light – Product Manual

From seed germination to harvest, you can use your 45W LED AeroGarden Grow Light Panel for all kinds of plant cultivation applications. Use the best angle to nurture your plants. The AG4501 model at 45 watts has a maximum lifespan of 50,000 hours. The adapter input is 100 to 240V AC 50/60 Hz, while the light panel input is 24V DC 1.8 Amp. You can alter the height of its stand legs from 10.43 inches to 16.3 inches. The Light and stand weigh 2.6 pounds and 1.2 pounds, respectively.  


  1. The 45-watt AeroGarden LED Grow Light is developed to quicken crop cultivation. It generates Light at precise wavelengths needed for photosynthesis. 
  2. This LED Grow Light is ideally sized for a regular-sized tray to grow seeds.
  3. It is designed for any method of plant growing, be it hydroponics, aquaponics, or soil.
  4. You can install it on the seed starting stand, as well as use the Grow Light hanging system. The kit is included in the package. 
  5. The band LED lights are available in three color spectrums – daylight, blue, and red. 
  6. The blue LED is for vegetation growth, the red LED is for fruiting, and the white LED is for entering plant cells and canopy. 
  7. The Aerogarden LED Grow Light has a swiveling capability of 360 degrees. 
  8. With zero heat buildup features, the energy-efficient 45 watts Grow Light remains cool. 

Want to know how LED lights differ? Read the article on LED Grow Lights Vs. HPS for the ultimate comparison guide. 

Handy Pointers to Note

  1. Make sure that you keep the Light as near to your plants as possible. 
  2. We recommend a minimum of 16 hours of Light every day for optimal growth of your plants.
  3. Practice trimming the plants that grow tall and fast very quickly from the top. Make sure that you keep the Grow Light as close as you can to all your little plantations. How will it help? By keeping the Grow Light close to all the plants, you will help the Light reach any slower-growing and smaller plants. Keeping the Light at a distance from the plants will significantly slow down their growth. Then they will have no option other than to stretch for Light. Stretching too much will give them a lanky appearance. We don’t want that, do we?


  1. 45-watt AeroGarden LED Grow Lights are enhanced for the fast growth of plants.
  2. It is known for its durability. It will last for a total of 50,000 hours, i.e., you can use it for 16 hours daily for 8.5 years. Isn’t that remarkable?
  3. It is perfect for all phases of growth, starting from seed germination to flowering.
  4. Unlike other Grow Lights available in the market, the AeroGarden LED Grow Lights do not emit a harsh purple flare.
  5. It also has low heat properties. 

AeroGarden Grow Light On/Off Settings

You can manually turn On or Off the LED Grow Lights momentarily. It will not influence the Light cycle timings. Upon occasional use, your plants will remain unharmed. Once you press the On/Off button, the lights will remain on or off until you set the Lights to go Off/On the next time. 

Setting the Time to Turn ‘ON’ Your Grow Light

In the beginning, when the AeroGarden is plugged in, the Grow Light turns ‘ON’ automatically. Since then, it gets ‘ON’ at the same time each day on its own. After operating for 16 hours, it gets turned ‘OFF’ automatically. 

You can also manually modify the time of the day when the Light will turn ‘ON.’ Follow the steps below to accomplish this. 

  • Step 1: Press and hold the Grow Light On/Off button for around 3 seconds. Wait for it to blink. Once it blinks, release the button. 
  • Step 2: Once a new time has been set for the LED Grow Lights, it will come to ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ one time to confirm it. 

Now, the LED lights will turn ‘ON’ at the newly set time every day and will remain active for the next 16 hours. 

Note: The built-in timer in the LED Grow Light of AeroGarden 100696-BLK Harvest XL provides the correct amount of ‘sunlight’ to the plants in your AeroGarden. Since the plants will receive the perfect amount of Light, the plant growth will not be affected when the Lights stay ‘OFF.’ 

However, if you want to align the light timings with your sleep schedule, you can have them ‘ON’ when you wake up in the morning and ‘OFF’ when you go to bed at night. 

Dual Method to Use LED Grow Light System

Grow Light Hanging System

  • Check for small openings at 4 corners on the upper surface of the hood.
  • Fit hooks into each opening. 
  • Once you have positioned the hooks at each corner, attach the carabiner to a suitable fixture. Note here that the hood weighs 2.6 pounds. 

Seed Starting Stand 

  • You can install the hood on any typical seed germination tray.
  • Once you have positioned the hood, you need to push the locking clamp up on the stand leg and adjust with the opening under the hood. 
  • Then you will have to push the locking clamp in till it clicks into place. 
  • Repeat the same steps on the other side. 
How Do I Lower and Raise the Hood on the Stand?

Check the leg of the seed planting stand for a ‘Release’ button. Once you press the button, use one hand to gently push the hood upward on that side. After that, press the ‘Release’ button on the other leg and push the hood up to set the height. Similarly, push the hood downwards after pressing the ‘Release’ button on each leg to lower the height of the hood on the stand. 


Safety Measures

  • This product should be used in well-ventilated spaces.
  • It is designed solely for residential and household purposes. It is not favorable for business usage. 
  • Do not forget to unplug the AeroGarden LED Grow Light from the electrical outlet before replacing or cleaning it. 
  • Check the maximum wattage recommended for the lighting receptacle.
  • The receptacle and wiring should conform to the safety standards of your locality. 
  • When the Light is illuminated, remember not to touch it. 
  • When the LED Grow Light is ‘ON,’ do not look directly into it. 
  • Unplug from the outlet if you want to disconnect the system. 
  • Keep your hot Grow Light away from water. 
  • While cleaning the LED Grow Light, do not submerge or place it in water. 
  • Do not use anything other than the accessories and components supplied in the package. 
  • This product is not designed for emergency exits. 
  • Use this device with the given adapter. 
  • Follow the supplied instruction for the usage of the LED Grow Light. Avoid using any attachments that are not suggested by the manufacturer. 
  • The portable free-standing light fixture may be unstable due to the extra weight of the device. 
  • Do not insert or drop any item into the electrical openings of the device. 

Can I Use Economical CFL Grow Bulb Replacements?

CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs are easy to access as they are widely available in local hardware shops. With the help of the AeroGarden bulb adapter, you can use regular CFLs. The adapters will make it convenient for you to replace the original Lights. 

AeroGardens use G23 sockets. So, your first task will be to acquire an adapter in order to turn it into an E27 socket. Amazon, eBay, etc., sell plenty of these. LED Grow Lights or CFLs with an E27 base are not only easily accessible but also pocket-friendly. 

As a replacement, you can use a Sylvania CFL (daylight 6,500 K, 100-watt equivalent). You can opt for other bulbs too, but make sure that they do not exceed the length of 2 inches to fit perfectly in the AeroGarden. The Light emitted by the replacement bulb may not be as bright as the original Grow Bulb. But as long as the more economical alternative is functional, you are good to go. 

Choose the Correct CFL Grow Light Alternative for Your Aerogarden

If you are using the CFL Grow Light replacement for an AeroGarden Gourmet herb seed pot kit, a 6,500 K CFL Grow Bulb will do. Hence, the Light produced is in the Daylight range, i.e., between 5,000 K and 6,500 K, in comparison with Warm White (2,700 K to 3,000 K) or Natural White (4,000 K). Your growing requirements will determine the kinds of color temperatures you need to use. While most plants are content with the Daylight color, some need the Warm White to grow flowers. Therefore, you can change them according to your growing needs. 

AeroGarden Conversion Hack: CFL to LED Grow Lights

There are several benefits to upgrading your old CFL AeroGarden to LED. 

  1. The low power consumption of LED will help you reduce costs. 
  2. Less heat is emitted by the LED AeroGarden. Why make the summer days hotter than they already are?
  3. Unlike CFL Grow Lights, LED Grow Lights will keep your plants from getting burned upon reaching the growing lamps. 
  4. What’s more, LED Grow Lights are more sustainable than CFL ones. Gone are the days when you had to worry about finding Grow Light substitutes for your AeroGarden. Find your LED Grow Light replacements at your neighborhood hardware store.
  5. Plenty of LED Grow Lights have bases that rotate at 270-degree angles. So, they are effortless to adjust in order to provide your plants with optimal lighting. 

Full spectrum Relassy LED Grow Light is a great choice with 44 highly efficient LEDs per unit. You can use this LED Grow Light with the AeroGarden adapter to transform your former CFL lights into adaptable LEDs. Did you know AeroGarden LED Grow Lights can operate for more than five thousand hours? Moreover, you can purchase a good pair from Amazon, and that too, at a fair price. Your plants will love the mild pink hue that accompanies the delightful natural Light of the Relassy LED Grow Light. Here’s all you will need for this simple AeroGarden hack – AeroGarden (well, of course), a regular CFL, and AeroGarden Grow Light adapters. 


It is now up to you to decide which grow lights you want for your indoor gardening. While compact fluorescent light bulbs would be a good option if your initial budget is limited, AeroGarden LED Grow Lights have long-term affordability in terms of higher light output, lower energy bills, and little heat production. Confused between LED and fluorescent grow lights? Find What’s Right For Your Growing Needs

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