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Aerospring Gardens Review: This Vertical Gardening System Explained

There are countless personal hydroponic systems currently on the market, and all of them have their own benefits, specialties, quirks, and problems. In this review, we’re introducing Aerospring Gardens’ vertical garden, which grows 24 to 36 plants simultaneously. With this near fool-proof system, you can grow your own food from the comfort of your home.

That said, this system is also pricey and similar to many of the hydroponic units on the market. Let’s look at the ins and outs of growing with Aerospring, so you can decide if it’s the right decision for you.

Aerospring started on Kickstarter. Here’s an intro video of the original concept:

How Does Aerospring Gardens Work?

Aerospring uses a form of hydroponics call aeroponics. Let’s start by identifying the meaning of these words and then illustrate how that’s used in this system.

Hydroponics And Aeroponics

Hydroponics is a method of gardening in which nutrient-rich water is distributed across the roots of the plants. Because of this, you don’t grow with soil. Hydroponics – in some form or another – has been used for thousands of years. There are many subcategories under the hydroponics umbrella, including wick systems, ebb and flow, aeroponics, aquaponics, etc.

Aerospring Gardens relies on the subcategory aeroponics, where roots are exposed to air (aeration), and nutrient-rich water either mists or rains down on them in intervals.

There are several benefits to Aeroponic gardening, such as increasing yields by up to 30%, growing plants 3x faster, and using up to 98% less water and 90% less space than traditional methods. It’s no wonder that Aerospring tapped into the powerful vertical aeroponic gardening potential when designing their products.

close up photo hands holding plants showing roots

Aerospring Aeroponics

For the Aerospring, water starts in the reservoir at the bottom of the system and is then pumped upward using an aquarium pump. When the water reaches the top of the tower, it rains down on the plants’ roots with a mister that resembles a showerhead.

The pump turns on for 15 minutes, then off for 15 minutes, going through this cycle throughout the day. This allows the roots to receive the water and nutrients they need while living in an aerated space.

Here’s a quick video about the vision of Aerospring, as well as the process of growing using this method:

The overall design of the Aerospring is hexagon-shaped, with three plants growing on each row (module). These rows stack on top of each other, allowing you to grow between 27 and 36 plants, depending on the model. What’s more, you’re doing this in a vertical garden, meaning you’re only using a few square feet of floor space.

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Where Can You Buy Aerospring Gardens?

Aerospring is based in Singapore but sells to most countries. That said, if you’re a U.S.-based grower, you’ll need to purchase these products through Amazon

Aerospring Gardens Models

There are currently three different Aerospring Garden models, including the Aerospring Indoor, the Aerospring Outdoor, and the Aerospring Outdoor Pro. Here are some basic facts about these different systems.

Here’s a deeper look at each of the systems:

Aerospring Indoor Garden Kit

This easy-to-use aeroponic system is built for your home. You can grow up to 27 plants in a small space – it’s just 36” from corner to corner and includes a grow tent, wheelbase, tower, and water reservoir. It’s an excellent option for beginners and hydroponics experts alike. The Aerospring Indoor also comes with a two-in-one convertible system, allowing you to add or remove the grow tent as necessary. Of all the systems available from this brand, the Aerospring Indoor is the only one that can grow indoors. It also takes the most time to set up, requiring two hours of assembly. But no tools are required. Price: $1,200

Aerospring Outdoor Garden Kit

This simple vertical garden is built for outdoor use. In other words, it doesn’t come with an LED grow light. In as little as one square meter of space, you can grow up to 27 plants simultaneously. These systems are perfect for small decks or outdoor patios.  Price: $530 ($499 with discounts)

Aerospring Outdoor Pro

The Aerospring Outdoor Pro is the most extensive vertical garden provided by this brand. It can grow up to 36 plants at a single time. That said, it is not available in the United States or Canada. It is currently only available in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

What Comes With Your Aerospring?

One of our favorite things about this high-quality hydroponic system is that it’s simple to set up. Not including the grow tent build (which can take an hour or two), it only takes 15-30 minutes to complete your garden setup. Here’s what’s included with your Aerospring: Aerospring Assembly Guide

Garden Tower

The garden tower is made from a compliant plastic material. The garden tower components include hexbody modules, piping, a shower lid with cover, and a water pump.


The system comes with a one-meter-long food-grade green water pump hose with both a male and female quick-connect fitting. This hose transfers water from the bottom of the reservoir to the top of the hydroponic system.

Water Tank

Each model comes with a water reservoir, which is where you’ll add your water and nutrients. The aquarium pump and hose connect to this tank and send water upward. 

Grow Tent

The grow tent is included when you purchase the Aerospring Indoor Garden Kit. This honeycomb-shaped grow tent provides lights and protection, allowing you to grow on your urban farm all year-round. If you bought an outdoor model, you could upgrade it to an indoor model with their Grow Tent accessory. 

LED Grow Light:

The Aerospring Indoor Garden kit includes professional-grade LED grow lights. These band LED lights are on a wifi-timer, allowing you to set a day and nighttime for your plants. We don’t see an option to purchase additional grow lights if one goes out or dims. If you have a question about this, please reach out to the Aerospring support email.

Wi-Fi Timers

Each system comes with two wi-fi timers for your water pump and band LED lights, respectively. They allow you to set your lights and water pump to turn on at appropriate times of the day.

Grow Kit And Rockwool Cubes

This is a simple DIY seed-starter kit. It acts as a nursery, giving your seeds time to germinate before going into the aeroponic system. We should point out that seeds are not included when you purchase the Aerospring, so you will need to bring your own. Depending on the type of seed, you’ll need to wait seven to 21 days for germination to take place. purple plant growing in aerospring

Wingnut Screws, Washers, And Screws

These are the pieces you’ll use to connect your hexbody modules to the base of the garden. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take long.

Liquid Nutrient Mix

The Aerospring Gardens come with liquid nutrients. Since your garden doesn’t have soil, it draws nutrients from the water. These liquid nutrients are added to your reservoir to keep your plants thriving throughout the growing process.  screenshot of manual aerospring liquid nutrient guide


The Aerospring Garden is a beautiful system that’s easy to use, but it’s got a few opportunities for improvement. Here’s our Pro and Con list for this hydroponic system.

The Good

Easy To Assemble

Some of the high-quality vertical hydroponic systems on the market are difficult to set up. Aerospring does an excellent job of making a complex process very simple. The actual garden of both the indoor and outdoor models takes all of 15 minutes to set up. And both units come with detailed instructions. For the Aerospring Indoor Garden Kit, you’ll need to dedicate extra time to put together the grow tent. In total, this can take up to two hours, but there are specific instructions to help you along the way.

Large Yields

You can grow at least 24 plants at a single time with Aerospring Gardens. This means it’s comparable to many of the biggest personal hydroponic systems on the market. With a vertical garden of this size, you can produce enough food to slash your grocery budget significantly.

Year-Round Growing

With the indoor system, you can grow throughout the entire year. There’s no such thing as bad weather when your plants are as warm and cozy as you are!

Good Customer Support

When curating reviews for the Aerospring, the fantastic customer service was regularly praised by customers. Whenever there’s an issue or faulty equipment, you can expect to get a response within a day or two. This is in stark contrast to some of the other big brand hydroponics systems, such as AeroGarden.  What’s more, Aerospring has a handy Facebook group where you can sync up with other growers to talk strategy and troubleshoot problems. 

Good for Big Plants

The shape of this system allows your plants to each receive significant amounts of light. That makes Aerospring perfect for growing larger plants, such as tomatoes and eggplants. The sky’s the limit with this system. You can grow just about anything besides root vegetables and trees. Check Out These Other Hydroponics Reviews!

The Less Good

Wifi-Timer Issues

This is a minor complaint, but there have been some reports that the wifi-timers act up now and again. Fortunately, Aerospring customer service has repeatedly fixed this problem by sending new timers or updating their app.


With the indoor system costing $1,200, it’s one of the most expensive personal hydroponics systems on the market. But seeing as your yields are larger than most systems – and the lights are so efficient, you’ll likely recover this cost within one year of growing greens, veggies, and herbs. 


With the indoor system standing at 72″, this is one of the most extensive tower systems we’ve seen. So it’s going to take up some space in your home. On the bright side, it’s a beautiful garden that doubles as an accent piece – assuming you have the room to spare.

Aerospring Gardens Dimensions And Material

The standard Aerospring garden is 1.65m tall and .57m across the bucket lid at the top of the system. You’ll need one square metre or 10.76 square feet. For the outdoor models, this means that it’s the perfect size for most balconies or rooftop gardens. 


If your Aerospring Outdoor Garden is in a place that gets too hot during the day, try raising the bucket off the tiles, which will allow airflow to go under the system.

What Can You Grow In An Aerospring?

While Aerospring doesn’t provide seeds in their starter kit, you can add your own seeds to this system. You can grow just about anything, such as leafy greens, veggies, most edible plants, flowers, tomatoes, and more. Like other hydroponic systems, though, you won’t be able to grow root vegetables, such as potatoes or carrots.

screenshot of aerospring manual vegetables you can plant

How Does Aerospring Compare To Other Hydroponic Systems?

Aerospring is, without a doubt, one of the better hydroponic systems on the market. Between its large yields, simple setup, good customer service, and aesthetic, we would definitely put it in the top three indoor gardening systems on the market – somewhere between Rise Gardens and AeroGarden. While both companies have a few more bells and whistles than Aerospring, this small hydroponics garden brand makes up for it with excellent service and ease of use.

In terms of design, Aerospring shares some qualities of other high-quality vertical hydroponic systems, such as Gardyn or iHarvest. Most of the other top systems on the market grow in beds horizontally and rely on other hydroponics categories.

What Is Aerospring Gardens?

Aerospring Gardens is a relatively new player in the hydroponics space. It was founded in Singapore just six years ago by Nadine Keller and Thorben Linneberg to grow heirloom tomatoes in a tiny apartment. This was mainly in response to the high vegetable prices in Singapore. These self-described plant killers created a simple way to grow plants using aeroponics.  

Aerospring now delivers all over the world, including to the U.S. and Canada. The purpose of this system, like many of the hydroponics units available, is to grow several plants in a small space. 

The beauty of this system is the overall design and the simplicity to set up and start growing. Created with practicality in mind, this unit produces enough plants to put a dent into your monthly grocery budget – and can be used by hobbyists and seasoned gardeners alike. With only about 30 minutes of set up time, you can start growing your own food from the comfort of your home.

Is The Aerospring Garden Organic?

Since the Aerospring relies on aeroponics, using water instead of traditional soil, your harvest isn’t technically considered organic. The nutrients offered by Aerospring use refined minerals in the solution, but it doesn’t leave any residue on the produce. 

This means that the plants and veggies you grow are tastier and more nutritious than anything you can purchase from a store. As a further plus, your produce is guaranteed to be pesticide-free. 

Is The Aerospring Worth It?

Aerospring is absolutely one of the best hydroponics systems in the market. Although it has a slightly higher cost, you could justify it with the large yields in about a year. 

Have you purchased the Aerospring? We want to hear about it! Send us pictures and your story. We may add them to this article for others to read and enjoy.

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