Click And Grow Vs. AeroGarden: Which Hydroponic Unit Is Best?

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Both the Click and Grow and the AeroGarden are top brands in the indoor gardening space. And while both have impressive functionality and features, it’s important for aspiring growers to know which one is right for them. After all, these hydroponic herb gardens are expensive, so you want to get the best bang for your buck. In this AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow smart garden comparison, we’ll look at the following:

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Which Is Better: Click And Grow Or AeroGarden?

Let’s start with an introduction of products from each of these two countertop hydroponic systems. The chart below offers insights into the amount of plants and general features of each AeroGarden and Click and Grow model.

BrandModelProduct ImagePricingNumber Of PodsLED Grow LightMaterial FinishHeightDepthWidthLow Water ReminderVacation ModeTouchscreenWiFi
AeroGardenSproutSprout picSee Deals310W LEDHigh Gloss Plastic10.5"12"3.5"YesNoNoNo
AeroGardenHarvestHarvest picSee Deals620W LEDMatte Plastic17.4"7.5"10.5"YesNoNoNo
AeroGardenHarvest 360Harvest 360 PicSee Deals620W LEDMatte Plastic17.4"9"9"YesNoNoNo
AeroGardenHarvest Elite 360Harvest Elite 360See Deals620W LEDStainless Steel17.4"9"9"YesYesNoNo
AeroGardenHarvest Elite SlimHarvest Elite Slim PicSee Deals620W LEDStainless Steel17.5"5"15"YesNoNoNo
AeroGardenHarvest EliteHarvest Elite PicSee Deals620W LEDStainless Steel17.4"6"10.5"YesNoNoNo
AeroGardenBounty BasicBounty basic picSee Deals930W LEDMatte Plastic34"11.25"17.25"YesYesNoNo
AeroGardenBountyBounty picSee Deals940W LEDMatte Plastic34"11.25"17.25YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenBounty EliteAeroGarden Bounty Elite picSee Deals950W LEDStainless Steel34"11.2517.25"YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenBounty Elite ArtisanBounty Elite ArtisanSee Deals950W LEDCeramic34"11.25"17.25"YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenFarm 12Farm 12 AeroGarden Two PeasSee Deals1260W LEDMatte34"14"18"YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenFarm 12XLFarm 12XL AeroGarden Two PeasSee Deals1260W LEDMatte46"14"18"YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenFarm 24BasicFarm 24 Basic AeroGarden Two PeasSee Deals2460W LEDMatte24"14"36"YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenFarm 24PlusFarm 24 Plus AeroGarden Two PeasSee Deals2460W LEDMatte34"14"36"YesYesYesYes
AeroGardenAeroGarden 24XLfarm24xl Aerogarden Two PeasSee Deals2460W LEDMatte46"14"36"YesYesYesYes
Click and GrowSmart Garden 3Click And Grow Smart Garden 3 picSee Deals38W LEDABS15.3"7.3"23.2"YesNoNoNo
Click and GrowSmart Garden 9Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 picSee Deals913W LEDABS1'4"7"2'YesNoNoNo
Click and GrowSmart Garden 9 PROClick And Grow Smart Garden 9 App Controlled picSee Deals913W LEDABS1'4"7"2'YesNoNo - But "touch to snooze" lightYes
Click and GrowSmart Garden 27Click And Grow Smart Garden 27 picSee Deals2713W LED x3ABS; Wood47"10"26"YesNoNoNo
Click and GrowThe Wall Farm Indoor Vertical GardenClick and Grow -The Wall Vertical Garden PicSee Deals51150 PAR per lamp (more info needed)ABS79.6"15.7"53.1"YesNoNoNo

This comparison chart highlights a few key differences between the brands. First, it shows that AeroGarden has far more models than Click and Grow, but Click and Grow’s biggest model – the Wall Farm – can grow over twice as many plants as the AeroGarden Farm models. 

Features are another point to consider. Many higher-end AeroGarden models have some nice bells and whistles, such as wifi connectivity, vacation mode, and a touchscreen. Only the Smart Garden 9 PRO has wifi connectivity (app-controlled grow light) and something similar to a touchscreen or control panel.

Finally, the lights’ overall wattage tells us a little bit about these systems’ energy output. For the most part, the Click and Grow systems seem to use less electricity a month than their AeroGarden counterparts. 

We’ll explore these features and others throughout this article.

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Click And Grow Overview

Founder Mattias Lepp began researching his indoor smart garden after reading a Nasa article. Working with universities worldwide, Lepp developed his different hydroponic systems, launching the prototype in 2013 and releasing the Smart Garden 9 in 2017. Made in Estonia, the Click and Grow products ship to countries across the globe.

Here’s a look at Lepp’s vision for starting the Click & Grow Smart Gardens:

Click and Grow Models

There are five Click and Grow models currently, which grow between three and 51 plants at a time. Except for the Grow Wall, the models’ names tell you how many plants grow in each unit. The Smart Garden 9, for instance, grows up to nine plants, while the Smart garden 3 grows up to three.

The current pricing for these different models, as of 2021, is as follows:
Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3: Starting at $99.95 

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9: $199.95

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO: $259.95

Click and Grow Smart Garden 27

Click and Grow Smart Garden 27: $599.95

Click and Grow Smart Garden - The Wall Farm

The Wall Farm: $2,499.95

Click and Grow Setup

Here is a quick overview of setting up the Click and Grow. Notice how simple it is to put your system together and start planting.


AeroGarden is usually considered one of the top indoor garden systems – at least in the United States and Canada (it can only ship to these two countries currently).

AeroGarden’s owned by AeroGrow International, which also has significant investment from the gardening company Miracle-Gro as of 2013. Here’s a quick review of each AeroGarden model with costs.

We should note that AeroGarden regularly has sales and other discounts – often 20-40% off the initial price. Even as of writing this, most of these indoor gardens are discounted below their regular retail price.

AeroGarden Sprout

  • AeroGarden Harvest

    AeroGarden Harvest 360

    AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim

        • AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim – Out of Stock

    AeroGarden Harvest Elite

    AeroGarden Bounty Basic

    AeroGarden Bounty

    AeroGarden Bounty Elite

    AeroGarden Bounty Elite Artisan

    AeroGarden Farm 12

    AeroGarden Farm 12XL

    AeroGarden Farm 24Basic

    AeroGarden Farm 24Plus

    AeroGarden Farm 24XL

    AeroGarden Setup

    Here’s a quick unboxing we did with the AeroGarden Bounty. Like the Click and Grow, this system is easy to setup and start growing.

    What Comes Inside Each Hydroponic System?

    AeroGarden and Click and Grow have relatively similar components – at least on the smaller models. Here’s a comparison of what comes in the AeroGarden Bounty and the Smart Garden 9 garden kits.

    ComponentAeroGarden BountyClick And Grow Smart Garden 9
    Water Tank/ReservoirYesYes
    Grow DeckYesYes
    Light PostYesYes
    Control PanelYesNo
    Water PumpYesNo
    Trellis SystemYesNo
    Seed Pod KitYesYes
    LED LightYesYes
    Plant/Net CupYesYes
    Grow DomeYesYes
    App AccessYesYess


    Where Can You Buy AeroGarden And Click And Grow?

    You can buy both AeroGardn and Click and Grow from their respective websites. AeroGarden is also available in many American retailers, such as Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot. It’s also available – often with discounts – on Amazon.

    Click and Grow is available at Best Buy and Williams Sonoma stores. The Smart Garden 3 is for sale on Amazon, but the other Click and Grow models are not available there.

    Feature Comparison Of Each Indoor Garden

    Every hydroponic system has some excellent qualities, as well as some problems or lackluster features. Here’s a brief overview of these two systems.

    Water Distribution – Water Pump Or Wick?

    Both Click and Grow and AeroGarden use a type of hydroponics, although different ones. Under the umbrella of hydroponics growing systems, there are six main categories:

            • Deep Water Culture
            • Nutrient Film Technique
            • Ebb and Flow
            • Wick Systems
            • Aeroponics
            • Drip Systems

    Click and Grow products use the wick systems method, often called Capillary Precision Irrigation (CPI). Water travels from the water reservoir to the plants via a wick (like a string). This method is incredibly energy efficient, as it doesn’t require a pump or aerator. The fact that Click and Grow uses this method is one of the reasons why it costs less to run these systems monthly than the AeroGarden models.

    AeroGarden uses a hybrid of a few different hydroponic methods. Called “Ein Gedi Aeroponics,” the roots hang into the space above the water tank, and water drips into the seed pods. But when the roots grow long enough, they sit in the moving and nutrient-rich water below. The air pump moves the water and air bubbles over the roots, which keeps the roots from dying.

    Fertilizer Needs


    You need to feed your plants with liquid nutrients at the time of planting and every two weeks after that. You mustn’t over-fertilize or under-fertilize your plants, which can both cause damage.

    Click And Grow

    You don’t have to add plant food to your indoor garden. All the nutrients the plant needs are in the smart soil and release slowly over the next several months.

    At first glance, this is better than AeroGarden’s method, but it brings into question if Click and Grow’s smart soil has enough nutrients to last as long as the plants do. I don’t have enough data at this point to say either way, but there are reports from some customers reviews saying that the plant growth of the Click and Grow are smaller than that of the AeroGarden.


    The cost of these brands depends on the model you purchase. In terms of the amount of plants you can grow at a single time, both AeroGarden and Click and Grow have two comparable products.

    AeroGarden – 3 Plants

    The retail pricing for the AeroGarden Sprout is $95.95, but it regularly offers a discount on Amazon, where the price is only $89.21 or lower.

    Click And Grow – 3 Plants

    The retail price for the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is $99.95.

    AeroGarden – 9 Plants

    The AeroGarden Bounty Basic retails at $299.95 but is usually discounted by 33% on Amazon, bringing the price down to $199.97.

    Click And Grow – 9 Plants

    The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 costs $199.95.


    Plant Pods And Seed Pods

    The plant/seed pods are the growing mediums provided by Click and Grow and AeroGarden. They’re functionally the same, with your seeds inside the pod. Both types of plant pods are GMO and pesticide-free. 

    The Click and Grow is different because the smart soil has slow-release nutrients inside the growing medium, meaning you don’t need to fertilize.

    What Can You Grow In AeroGarden And Click And Grow?

    You can grow everything from fresh herbs and veggies to flowers and fruits in Click and Grow and the AeroGarden. These indoor smart gardens also have options that allow you to use your own seeds, so the sky’s the limit! Here’s a full list of everything offered by AeroGarden and Click and Grow.

    Click and Grow Plant Pod Packs

    Plant TypePlant NamePricing
    Plant Name
    Fruits and VegetablesChili Pepper MixSee Deals
    HerbsBasilSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesStrawberry PlantSee Deals
    HerbsCilantro/CorianderSee Deals
    GreensRomaine LettuceSee Deals
    HerbsParsleySee Deals
    HerbsPeppermintSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesYellow Sweet PepperSee Deals
    HerbsThai BasilSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesRed Hot Chili PepperSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesYellow Chili PepperSee Deals
    HerbsHyssopSee Deals
    FlowersBlack Pansy PlantSee Deals
    FlowersConflowerSee Deals
    FlowersPainted NettleSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesPurple Chili PlantSee Deals
    HerbsLavenderSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesDwarf PeaSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesMini TomatoSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesPiri Piri Chili PepperSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesRed Sweet PepperSee Deals
    Fruits and VegetablesYellow Mini TomatoSee Deals
    Fruits And VegetablesYellow Sweet PepperSee Deals
    GreensAsian Cuisine - Pak Choi, Red Kale, MibunaSee Deals
    HerbsBasil Variety - Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Thai BasilSee Deals
    HerbsTea Mix - Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Holy BasilSee Deals
    GreensWasabi MustardSee Deals
    GreensArugulaSee Deals
    GreensBloody SorrelSee Deals
    GreensGarden CressSee Deals
    GreensGren ChardSee Deals
    GreensGreen LettuceSee Deals
    GreensGreen SorrelSee Deals
    GreensLeaf MustardSee Deals
    GreensMibunaSee Deals
    GreensPak ChoiSee Deals
    GreensRed ChardSee Deals
    GreensRed Frill MustardSee Deals
    GreensRed KaleSee Deals
    GreensRed LettuceSee Deals
    GreensRed Pak ChoiSee Deals
    GreensRomaine LettuceSee Deals
    GreesShungikuSee Deals
    HerbsApple MintSee Deals
    HerbsBasilSee Deals
    HerbsCatnipSee Deals
    HerbsChivesSee Deals
    HerbsCinnamon BasilSee Deals
    HerbsCurly ParsleySee Deals
    HerbsDillSee Deals
    HerbsDwarf BasilSee Deals
    HerbsGarden SageSee Deals
    HerbsHoly BasilSee Deals
    HerbsLemon BalmSee Deals
    HerbsLemon BasilSee Deals
    HerbsMarjoramSee Deals
    HerbsMountain SavorySee Deals
    HerbsOreganoSee Deals
    HerbsPeppermintSee Deals
    HerbsPlain ParsleySee Deals
    HerbsRed BasilSee Deals
    HerbsRosemarySee Deals
    HerbsThai BasilSee Deals
    HerbsThymeSee Deals
    FlowersWhite SnapdragonSee Deals
    FlowersLace FernSee Deals
    FlowersBlue PetuniaSee Deals
    FlowersCockscombSee Deals
    FlowersMoss RoseSee Deals
    FlowersPetuniaSee Deals
    FlowersPink PetuniaSee Deals
    FlowersPolka Dot FlowerSee Deals
    FlowersRed PansySee Deals
    FlowersSweet AlyssumSee Deals

    AeroGarden Seed Pod Kits

    Plant TypePlant Name
    HerbsGenovese Basil
    HerbsGlobe Basil
    HerbsHoly Basil
    HerbsLemon Basil
    HerbsLime Basil
    HerbsMarseille Basil
    HerbsNapolitano Basil
    HerbsPurple Basil
    HerbsThai Basil
    HerbsCurly Parsley
    HerbsItalian Parsley
    FlowerPetunia - Cascading
    FlowerPetunia - mini-pink
    FlowerPolka Dot
    FlowerStock Flower
    FlowerSnapdragon Mix
    TomatoGolde Harvest Cherry Tomato
    TomatoRed Heirloom Cherry Tomato
    PepperThai Pepper
    PepperPurple Super Hot Pepper
    PepperRed Fire Chilies
    Salad GreensArugula
    Salad GreensBaby Greens
    Salad GreensBlack Seeded Simpson
    Salad GreensBok Choi
    Salad GreensChinese Cabbage
    Salad GreensCollard Greens
    Salad GreensDeer Tongue
    Salad GreensDinosaur Kale
    Salad GreensMarvel of the 4 Seasons
    Salad GreensMixed Kale
    Salad GreensMizuna
    Salad GreensMustard
    Salad GreensParris Island
    Salad GreensRed Sails
    Salad GreensRomaine
    Salad GreensRoughe d'Hiver
    Salad GreensSalad Greens
    Salad GreensSwiss Chard
    Salad GreensTatsoi

    From personal experience, I recommend greens and herbs (especially basil plants) with these systems. I am not a fan of mini tomatoes, which rarely do as well as advertised.

    Plant pods with Click and Grow are only $3.32 per plant, which is lower than some hydroponic competitors but higher than the average cost of an AeroGarden plant. That said, Click and Grow has a membership, which can cut costs significantly.

    Grow Lights

    Both brands use LED grow lights to give your plants the right amount of light they need. See the comparison table at the beginning of the article to compare wattage.

    Click and Grow

    Overall, their lights appear to be more energy-efficient than the AeroGarden lights, in the sense that you don’t spend as much keeping them on. We don’t have enough data on how the lower wattage lights affect the plants.

    Click and Grow also claims that their LED lighting system only needs replacing every seven years. 

    On most models, the Click and Grow units have lights that turn on with a basic timer that activates when the system is plugged in. The lights are on for 16 hours and off for eight.


    The AeroGarden models require more energy to run than their Click and Grow counterparts. There are quite a few reviews online that say the AeroGarden plants grow larger than the Click and Grow, but that’s anecdotal at best.

    On most AeroGarden models, growers can set the time of day they want the lights to be on and off, and there is a vacation mode in which the lights come on less.


    Both AeroGarden and Click and Grow are aesthetically pleasing. Each of these brands make excellent accent pieces for any living room or kitchen. 


    Both brands give growers access to an app. There are several differences between the Click and Grow app and the AeroGarden app.

    Click and Grow

    The app provides basic information about your plants and what to expect, and it gives you the option to set watering reminders or create a photo album of your plant growth (which is fun!).

    Functionally, the app is not connected by wifi to your hydroponic garden in all systems except the Smart Garden 9 Pro. This system connects via Bluetooth and provides simple lighting system control.


    Depending on which model you purchase, the app does a variety of different things. All units receive gardening tips to teach you how to care for your plants and increase yields. Starting at the Bounty Basic and up, the units have a wifi connection to the app. The app reminds you when to feed your plants with plant food, when to add water, and even when you should harvest. Further, you can set the time of day that your light is on in the home. It’s nice to have all of this information in a single spot.

    Control Panel


    Most AeroGarden models have a basic control panel, and all Bounty models and beyond have a touchscreen where you set a “Quick Plant,” which just shows you how to start your seed pods and light. 

    Click And Grow

    Click and Grow models are simple, and the lighting system starts when you plug in the unit. Because of this, it doesn’t need a control panel. The Smart Garden 9 has the closest thing to a control panel with a “snooze the light” touch control option. 

    Water Level Sensors

    Both AeroGarden and Click and Grow have low-water sensors. 


    Most AeroGarden units beep when the system is running low on water. On models connected to wifi, the app also reminds you when water levels are low.

    Click And Grow

    The LED lighting flashes when Click and Grow units are low on water. When you see the flashing lights, simply add water to the reservoir.


    Click And Grow

    Click and Grow models are made with ABS plastic. For the Smart Garden 27, the plant stand is made from wooden materials.


    The AeroGarden families are typically made from PET-free plastic with a matte finish. There are also a handful of models made with stainless steel


    Both AeroGarden and Click and Grow have basic warranties that cover any design flaws.

    They also both offer germination guarantees in the event that your seed/plant pods don’t germinate correctly.

    Final Thoughts on Click And Grow Vs. AeroGarden

    Both indoor gardening brands have a lot going for them. They both can grow several plants at a time, and they both rely on simple hydroponics to water the seed pods. Overall, Click and Grow is a simpler system with fewer features than AeroGarden. But in the end, do the features matter all that much if the results are the same? 

    Have you grown with AeroGarden or Click and Grow products? We want to know about your experience. Send us an email at with pictures or stories about your experience. If we like what you share, we may add it to this article!

By Patrick Chism

By Patrick Chism

Patrick likes to pretend that urban gardening is just a hobby, but he’s actually prepping for the apocalypse. He’s a practical grower, specializing in hydroponics systems and grow lights. His dream is to one day feed his family with just the food he grows in his Chicago-based condo.

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