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The 33 Best Indoor Garden Kits Of 2023

Indoor gardening has boomed in the last couple of years. It’s a great option if you live in a place without a lot of outdoor space – or if you want to stretch your green thumb in the winter months. And as this fad has developed, indoor garden kits have started appearing on the scene as well, including hydroponic systems, self-watering containers, indoor herb garden kits, microgreen kits, mushroom kits, and everything in between.

This article provides you with information on the top indoor growing kits in the space. All of them can make for great gifts, and most will work well in a living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

As you start your indoor gardening journey, we’ll take you through the different options so you can start your own herbs and indoor victory gardens with ease.

What This Article Is Not

While this article is about garden kits – and many of those kits contain lighting options – this article is not specifically about grow lights. We will not go into smart LED light options or the best lighting available for small spaces. If you’d like more information on that, start with our LED article for indoor use.

Gardyn Hydroponics

Top Pick: Gardyn 3.0

Gardyn is an incredibly popular vertical growing hydroponic system. In just two square feet of area, you can grow up to 30 plants at once, including basil, greens, tomatoes, and peppers.

There’s also an app-controlled grow light that lets you set timings for your LED lights. Kelby, the app’s intelligent assistant, captures images of your plant progress and gives you helpful tips along the way. The 3.0 is easier to set up than previous models and looks like a work of art in the home.

TwoPeas Coupon Gardyn Hydroponics

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Gardyn also provides excellent customer service, which is unusual in the home hydroponic system market.

Gardyn is one of the best indoor gardens available, although it is not without drawbacks. It appears to have slightly lower germination rates than AeroGarden, and the subscription for extra seed pods (called yCubes) is quite costly. Aside from that, this system is a candidate for the best indoor garden units.

Of all the systems listed on this list, Gardyn is currently my favorite. It can grow several different plants, is comparable in price to most similar systems, and it’s aesthetically very pleasing. It also comes with its own lights that are easy to maintain, and a great way to slash your grocery budget.

In the few months we’ve used our Gardyn, we’ve completely met our family’s lettuce and greens needs.

Note: Gardyn has an excellent herb garden kit option for culinary herbs. If your main focus is herbs, I would recommend the Gardyn or one of the AeroGarden units.

Read our full Gardyn 3.0 Review here.

BrandNumber Of PlantsCostGrow Light Included?
iDOO Indoor Garden Hydroponics (1)
iDOO Hydroponics

Best Budget Option: iDOO

If you want to experiment with hydroponics but don’t want to spend much money, we recommend iDOO hydroponic systems. iDOO is equivalent to other countertop hydroponic systems in terms of performance; however, it costs around half.

If you use this link, you’ll also get 10% off your iDOO purchase, making this already affordable unit even more affordable.

While iDOO lacks some of AeroGarden’s features, it performs similarly.

We like the iDOO since it’s small enough to fit on a kitchen counter and provides a choice of herbs at your fingertips.

The main distinction between iDOO and other manufacturers is that their goods do not include seeds. While it may appear uncomfortable, I assure you that you will still save a lot of money – even if you have to buy some seeds from your local hardware store.

If you’re looking for a low-cost option, we propose iDOO. Save 10% on iDOO products when you use our link!

Read our full iDOO Review here.

women harvesting hydroponic plant
iHarvest Hydroponics


If you want a more extensive hydroponic system with higher yields, the iHarvest is a great alternative that is also reasonably easy to set up. According to IGWorks, the parent business of iHarvest, you can grow up to $1,000 of food every year on an iHarvest unit, which is enough to cover the cost of the system.

This lovely equipment resembles an in-home art exhibit, yet the design allows you to cultivate plants all year.

BrandNumber Of PlantsCostGrow Light Included?
Lettuce Grow FarmStand12-36$399-699No

Use the coupon code “TwoPeas” to save $50 on iHarvest.

Read the complete iHarvest Review.

photo of hand picking seedlings in lettuce grow
Lettuce Grow Hydroponics

Lettuce Grow

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a hydroponic garden system co-created by Zooey Deschanel, star of the sitcom New Girl.

Lettuce Grow’s approach was developed for gardeners who wish to produce their own greens but have limited indoor and outdoor areas.

Lettuce Grow features a variety of plant stands ranging in size from a 12-plant Farmstand to a 36-plant Farmstand.

BrandNumber Of PlantsCostGrow Light Included?
Lettuce Grow FarmStand12-36$399-699No

Our entire Lettuce Grow review may be found here.


The uHarvest® from IGWorks® is an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, easy-to-grow twelve (12) plant anyplace garden. It also just launched and is similar to some of the smaller hydroponic brands out there. 

Shipping for the uHarvest® is free throughout the continental United States!

Nutrients, net cups, and starting plugs are included with the uHarvest®. Start producing fresh, nutritious, homegrown food by adding your own seeds!

rise garden hydroponics in the living room
Rise Gardens

Rise Gardens

Rise Garden is a newcomer to the indoor hydroponics market. Hank Adams, the company’s founder and CEO, created Rise Gardens in 2019. Their main attraction was initially a multi-shelf smart garden the size of a bookshelf. In 2020, they released a countertop garden unit.

These simple indoor hydroponic gardens are simple to put up and maintain. These garden kits contain everything you’ll need to get started, as well as access to advanced software that allows you to manage the lights and give helpful recommendations. Rise Gardens presently offers four different models:

ImageRise Gardens ModelPricePurchaseGrowing CapacityMax PlantsDimensionsWeight,,, Personal Rise GardensPersonal Rise Garden$279.00 x 11 x 16 (L x D x H in inches)10 lbs,,, Personal Rise GardensSingle Family Garden$549.00 x 16 x 39 (L x D x H in inches)60 lbs,,, Double Family Garden - Rise GardensDouble Family Garden$749.00 x 16 x 52 5/8 (L x D x H in inches)83 lbs,,, Double Family Garden - Rise GardensTriple Family Garden949.00 x 16 x 66 1/4 (L x D x H in inches)106 lbs

Since its beginning, the company has tripled its revenues every month and expanded at a quarterly pace of 750 percent. In early 2020, they reported that their gardeners had planted 6,000 tomatoes, herbs, veggies, and other goods throughout North America.

In May of 2020, Rise Gardens announced that they had received a $2.6 million startup investment spearheaded by San Francisco-based True Ventures and several Chicago business people. 

Read our full Rise Gardens review here.

Aerogarden Sprout Review
Black AeroGarden Sprout Hydroponics

Budget Option: AeroGarden Sprout

The Aerogarden Sprout is Aerogarden and Aerogrow’s most miniature model. It’s a terrific and reasonably priced option to experiment with an in-home hydroponic system. 

We bought an Aerogarden Sprout for my parents as a present last year. They’re both experienced outside gardeners, and Devri and I thought they’d love the challenge of cultivating fresh herbs from their kitchen counter. 

The Aerogarden Sprout, like other Aerogarden units, is designed to grow your favorite plants all year. It doesn’t need soil or sunlight, and you don’t have to be a skilled gardener to have sound output. The Aerogarden Sprout variant can support up to three plants at once.

Photo Title Price Buy
AeroGarden Sprout with...image AeroGarden Sprout with Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit - Hydroponic Indoor Garden, Black $74.00

Read our AeroGarden Sprout review here.

aerogarden bounty
Aerogarden Bounty

AeroGarden Bounty

The AeroGarden Bounty has several beneficial features to help your garden expand consistently. First and foremost, the water bowl is among the biggest available countertop versions. Second, it allows you to dim the grow lights, essential if you live in a tiny room. 

The Bounty also contains a high-resolution touchscreen control panel that allows you to quickly check the health of your plants, as well as a water level indicator that alerts you when it’s time to replenish the basin. This model now supports wifi and Alexa, making it easier to operate your garden system. The last feature worth mentioning is the Vacation Mode, which will automatically care for your plants even if you are not at home.

Photo Title Price Buy
AeroGarden Bounty Basic...image AeroGarden Bounty Basic - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black $179.95
AeroGarden Bounty Elite...image AeroGarden Bounty Elite - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, WiFi and Alexa Compatible, Platinum Stainless $267.60
AeroGarden Black Bounty...image AeroGarden Black Bounty Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Read our AeroGarden Bounty review here.

AeroGarden Farm

AeroGarden Farm

The AeroGarden Farm is the biggest product family from AeroGarden and their parent business, AeroGrow. And bigger means more vegetables, salad greens, fresh herbs, and anything else you can cultivate without ever leaving the house.

Depending on the model, you can grow between 12 and 24 plants with the Farm models.

The differences and “grow height” of each model are highlighted in the Review below. If you’re growing taller veggies or plants, such as cherry tomatoes, a taller grow height is beneficial.

Photo Title Price Buy
AeroGarden Farm 24XL...image AeroGarden Farm 24XL with Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black $679.99
AeroGarden Farm 24Basic...image AeroGarden Farm 24Basic with Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black $599.95
AeroGarden Farm 24Plus...image AeroGarden Farm 24Plus with Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black $599.00
AeroGarden Farm 12XL AeroGarden Farm 12XL $418.99

Note: The size of your indoor garden kit should be considered when growing. The Farm takes up more horizontal space than any of the other options on this list.

Read our AeroGarden Farm review here.

Click and Grow Cons
Click & Grow Indoor Garden

Click & Grow

Click and Grow is a famous hydroponic company with several product levels. They presently have five distinct units that can develop three to 51 seed pods at a time.

Here’s a basic rundown of their products available on Amazon:

Photo Title Price Buy
Click & Grow...image Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen Windowsill | Easier Than Hydroponics Growing System | Vegetable Gardening Starter (3 Basil Pods Included), White $74.95
Click & Grow...image Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Easier Than Hydroponics Growing System | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen Windowsill | Vegetable & Herb Garden Starter Kit with 9 Plant pods, Gray $172.45

To see the others, you can check out their website.

The Click and Grow are distinct in several ways. You don’t have to add fertilizers to the water reservoir, for starters. The Smart Soil in the seed pods contains all of your plants’ nutrients to grow. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to this, which you can learn more about in our Click and Grow Review.

Another distinction is that it lacks a pump. It employs a hydroponic wick technology that draws water upward into the system without electricity. In other words, it costs less to run this system than other hydroponics competitors. 

On the fence? Check out our Click and Grow vs. AeroGarden guide.

indoor veritable garden
Image from the Véritable Store

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

Veritable is a smart garden built in France that ships to most countries across the world. It has seven different indoor gardens that are small enough to fit on a tabletop or coffee table. Their units may produce two to four plant pods (known as Lingots) at a time.

Photo Title Price Buy
Véritable® Classic (White)...image Véritable® Classic (White) - Indoor Vegetable Garden Made in France - Smart Autonomous Garden Delivered with 4 Ingots®. $169.99
Veritable Smart Indoor...image Veritable Smart Indoor Garden, Soft Black $199.99
Smart Indoor Garden...image Smart Indoor Garden by Véritable® - Smart Copper - 4 Lingots® Included $199.99
Veritable Connect Indoor...image Veritable Connect Indoor Garden, Infinity Grey $269.99
Veritable Exky Classic...image Veritable Exky Classic Indoor Garden, Arctic White $109.99
Veritable Exky Smart...image Veritable Exky Smart Indoor Garden, Black Copper $139.99

The Veritable Smart Indoor Gardens are an excellent alternative for a smaller countertop model. Although it may not have as many bells and whistles as other models, it is an ideal hobbyist system for indoor gardeners trying out hydroponics for the first time.

You can check out our full Veritable smart indoor garden review here.

man sitting in couch with vegebox plant


The VegeBox is a very simple gardening system that makes it easy to manage an indoor garden. Anyone can grow fresh herbs on their kitchen countertops at any time of year, and your plants will be able to enjoy spring weather all year if you pick VegeBox.

Vegebox uses a type of hydroponics that doesn’t require electric pumps, so it’s a fantastic alternative if you don’t like the sound of bubbling water or want to save money on your power bill.

Photo Title Price Buy
VegeBox Hydroponics Growing...image VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System - LED Growing Lighting Lamp, Indoor Herb Garden, Kitchen Vegetable Plant Germination Kits 12 Planting Pods, Black
VegeBox Hydroponics Growing...image VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System - Indoor Herb Garden, Kitchen Smart Garden Planter, LED Grow Light with Plant Germination Kits(12 pods, White) $69.99
VegeBox Hydroponics Growing...image VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System - Support Indoor Grow, Herb Garden kit Indoor, Grow Smart for Plant, Built Your Indoor Garden (Small-Black)
Vegebox Hydroponic Growing...image Vegebox Hydroponic Growing System, Indoor Hydroponic Garden Kit, Smart Indoor Home Kitchen Garden with LED Grow Lights-Support Indoor Veggies & Herbs Grow(White)

Is VegeBox the most effective option available? It all depends on what you’re looking for. While VegeBox does a decent job of growing greens and herbs, I wouldn’t recommend it for larger plants like tomatoes or peppers.

AeroGarden, iHarvest, and Gardyn, on the other hand, have fewer product complaints and offer a variety of unique features, such as an app that may help you streamline your growing process.

You can read our complete Vegebox Review here.

I want to point out that the pricing of the VegeBox is incredibly similar to that of the iDOO. While the VegeBox uses the Kratky method – and that’s fine – you will see better results with a true water pump. If I were you, I would go with the iDOO over the Vegebox (unless you’re adamant about growing without a water pump)

Stacky Smart Hydroponics on Amazon

Stacky’s Smart Farm

If you have limited room in your house, a vertical gardening system might be an excellent answer. With a Mr. Stacky Smart Farm, you can cultivate up to 20 plants in a compact space. The drawback is that you’ll need an area where height isn’t an issue.

You will also observe that this hydroponic system lacks a lighting system. As a result, you’ll need to choose a sunny location for this unit. Fortunately, the plants can revolve around the center pipe, so you may select a corner location and rotate the plants regularly to get the most light.

Photo Title Price Buy
Mr. Stacky Smart...image Mr. Stacky Smart Farm - Automatic Self Watering Garden - Grow Fresh Healthy Food Virtually Anywhere Year Round - Soil or Hydroponic Vertical Tower Gardening System (Standard Kit, Stone) $289.99

You’ll need to fill each pot with coco peat and perlite when you set up this setup. The first setup might be a little sloppy, but you won’t have to worry about it after you connect to the system. The reservoir can contain up to 16 liters of water and keep your plants alive for two to three weeks.

EcoGrower Hydroponics


The General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System is a good choice for larger plants, and you may also cultivate up to eight plants simultaneously. This gardening system includes a 17-gallon reservoir, so it can last for a long time before needing to be refilled.

This system comes with a reservoir, plastic cups, a vortex sprayer, CocoTek liners, and CocoTek caps.

It also includes Flora nutrients plant food that may help your greens and vegetables grow. This hydroponic system uses a drip timer to water your plants at the correct time.

Because this device lacks built-in LED grow lights, you’ll most likely need to purchase your own.

I wouldn’t say this unit is as popular as the countertop units – such as Gardyn or iHarvest – but it is more appealing than most bucket hydroponic systems we’ve seen and far superior to most DIY solutions.

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers

Like the PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System, this bucket system isn’t the most attractive. Still, it can grow six plants simultaneously, and the Bubble Brothers bubble generator is powerful, ensuring appropriate aeration for your plants. This is an excellent system for indoor gardening beginners. 

DWC self-contained systems are considered one of the easiest hydroponic methods since they are simple to run, inexpensive to maintain and provide all of the benefits that hydroponic gardening is renowned for, such as quicker growth, larger yields, and superior tastes.

Because aeration is critical to DWC function, HTG Supply Bubble Brothers systems incorporate a bigger commercial pump and higher quality air stones than comparable systems. 

These elements give enhanced oxygenation and better diffusion that are genuinely required to develop remarkable plants in a short period. 

Hydrofarm Jump Start T5 Light Timer System

Hydrofarm Jump Start T5 Light Timer System

JumpStart products are ideal for both the beginning gardener and the seasoned horticulturist, providing high-quality supplies and simple-to-implement tools to make your indoor garden a success.

The Jump Start Grow Light System casts a bright light on your seedlings, cuttings, flowers, and home plants. The reflector on the Grow Light System beams more light on your plants and provides two times the efficiency and 20 percent more lumen intensity than standard fluorescent grow lights. The high-power Grow Light lamp lets you install a full-spectrum, T5 cool-running bulb closer to the plants.

Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete

Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete

Grow up to five tiny plants or one large plant with the WaterFarm Complete. It improves the amount of oxygen available to the roots, allowing for more robust development and healthier plants. 

The complete WaterFarm® is designed to be a stand-alone system and includes a 4-gallon reservoir, 2-gallon growing chamber, pumping column, column support tube, drip ring, 1/2 in grommet, drain level tube, Elite 800 air pump, 9L clay pebbles, and 3-part Flora Kit. Because it is intended to be used with a General Hydroponics® controller that supplies several WaterFarm® units, the modular unit does not include a drain level tube, Elite air pump, clay pebbles, or Flora kit.

Water Garden Aquaponics

Water Garden Duo: Aquaponics

The Water Garden Duo is an award-winning home environment that makes an ideal present, educational family activity, or living home décor.

Choose between hydroponics and aquaponics for your Water Garden Duo setup.

Hydroponics will provide a stylish, low-maintenance, self-watering planter ideal for growing lush bamboo, succulents, and houseplants! Customize the tank’s inside as you see fit to create a stunning undersea environment.

If you decide to add a fish to your Water Garden, you will be able to experience the wonders of aquaponics! Your Water Garden transforms into a self-cleaning fish tank that plants fresh food on the roof. Fish waste fertilizes the plants on top, while the plants clean the water, requiring fewer water changes.

Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Garden

Miracle-Gro Twelve

The Miracle-Gro Twelve can accommodate up to four plants per unit. The system is meant to stay on the floor with a practical design that can serve as a tiny accent table. At the heart of the system is a reservoir that can contain two gallons of water and keep your plants hydrated with minimum effort on your part.

After you’ve added water and planted the seeds, you’ll be able to operate your garden from your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

If you have limited room in your house, a vertical gardening system might be an excellent answer. What’s more, you can stack units on top of each other, giving you the ability to grow vertically instead of horizontally. This is a good benefit if you’re short on space.

Worth Garden’s Self-watering Vertical Garden Wall Planters

Worth Garden Self-Watering Vertical Garden Wall Planters

The 18-inch self-watering vertical garden wall planters contain three pockets and three inner baskets for plants, herbs, and other items. The entire weight is one pound, and the measurements are 18 in. x 7 in. x 7 in. 

They’re composed of sturdy plastic. The planters are intended to be hung on walls, and when numerous layers are draped horizontally, the effect is more dramatic. The reservoir holes in the planters allow water to flow from top to bottom layers.

The three inner baskets and three outside shell pockets create a self-watering and airflow platform that promotes healthy plant development.

Because the materials are sturdy and light, hanging is simple. Planters include three nail or screw holes for convenient installation.

This unit’s glossy and matte olive green color combination offers the planters a modern and refreshing appearance, and it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Modern Sprout Growhouse

Modern Sprout Growhouse

The environmentally friendly LEDs used in this Modern Sprout growhouse require less electricity and have a long life cycle. Depending on the timing settings, they are rated for 25,000 hours of use. LEDs produce little to no heat and have a water-resistant and long-lasting conformal covering.

This unit also has a manual on/off switch and can be linked to the Modern Sprout App for personalized programming and pairing recommendations for plants in partial shade, partial light, and full sun.

It includes a waterproof planter for direct planting as well as integrated wall mounting hardware. The inside is large enough to fit 4″ potted plants.

Microgreens Kit

Chef’n Microgreens Garden: Microgreen Option

With the Microgreens Grower, you can easily bring a little life to your home! This simple garden kit can grow on countertops and windowsills. It has enough seeds for one harvest. 

Each package includes a Seattle Seed starting pack of soil and seeds, allowing any home cook to become an urban farmer. Enjoy your nutritious microgreens in your favorite salads and major meals.

Keter Raised Garden

Keter Urban Bloomer Plastic Raised Garden

The Keter Raised Patio Garden Bed allows you to bring fresh herbs, veggies, or flowers into your house. This product has an agronomic design that is both modern and stylish and has a large growth capacity. 

With 386 in. of a linear growing area, your next home-cooked dinner will be fresh with veggies and herbs grown by you. 

The Keter Raised Patio Garden Bed is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a self-watering mechanism and an easy-to-read water gauge that signals when plants want more moisture. 

If you’re looking for a method to get your children engaged in gardening, the Raised Patio Garden Bed includes a seed starting tray. They can help in everything from planting the seeds to snipping fresh herbs to place on their dinner plate. 

The Keter Raised Patio Garden Bed is made of UV-protected plastic and has sturdy metal legs. It is both stylish and robust, and it will withstand the elements in your location. The Keter Raised Patio Garden Bed is the ideal choice if you lack the area and soil quality for traditional gardening or wish to augment your gardening efforts.

Back to The Roots Mushroom Growing Kit

Back To The Roots Mushroom Farm: Mushroom Kit

The Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Grow Kit is the most convenient method to cultivate your own organic and delicious mushrooms at home! Simply open the package, spray every day with the provided mister, and you’ll be picking your own mushrooms in 10 days! All of their mushrooms are organic and Non-GMO, and it’s manufactured in Michigan.

With each crop, you can expect to grow about 3-4 servings of oyster mushrooms. Back to the Roots has a 100% guarantee to grow promise.

NorthSpore Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kits

NorthSpore Lion’s Mane Kit: Mushroom Kits

NorthSpore offers a variety of mushrooms that can be grown indoors. The easiest of their Spray & Grow kits, the Lion’s Mane produces plump, thick, shaggy mushroom clusters. Lion’s mane may be eaten raw, dried, extracted, or even steeped as a tea! It’s also a popular medical fungus due to its brain-supporting components. 

When properly humidified, these Lion’s Mane mushroom kits produce big flushes of lovely creamy white mushrooms. With good maintenance, you may receive numerous flushes

The lion’s mane might dry up if the humidity is too low, therefore we recommend watering it frequently.

NorthSpore Oyster Mushroom Log: Mushroom Kits

Oyster mushrooms’ velvety texture, along with its sweet yet mild flavor, make them delightful, whether fresh or cooked. They’re also the most straightforward and forgiving to grow, particularly on Howard Berk and Todd Pittard’s mushroom growing log.

The pair repurposes freshly felled aspen and poplar trees, cutting them into logs and planting organic oyster mushroom spores within. All that remains is to soak your log and store it in a wet, cool, dark spot. Soon, you’ll be in fresh oyster mushroom nirvana. For up to three years, re-soak and harvest every six weeks. That’s a lot of mushrooms to use in stir-fries, stuffings, salads, and sauces. Make your favorite mushroom enthusiast, gardener, or mad scientist happy. It is handcrafted in Georgia.

Pink Mushroom

NorthSpore Pink Oyster Mushroom Spray & Grow: Mushroom Kits

This kit from NorthSpore allows you to grow Pink oyster mushrooms, which  are succulent and delicious, and go well with spaghetti, pizza, and other dishes. They thrive in increased humidity and color enhanced with indirect sunshine. They’re a great meat alternative because of their firmer texture. You may use them in dishes ranging from burritos to barbeque sandwiches. They even create vegan bacon!

When properly humidified, our Pink Oyster mushroom kits produce big flushes of lovely light pink to deep pinkish-red mushrooms. With good maintenance, you may receive numerous flushes. (We guarantee your first flush, but hope you attempt 2 or 3!)

Our kits are prepared with all-natural, organic, and non-GMO products from farms in New England and North America.

LivingArrangement Terrarium Building Kit

With the Living Arrangement Terrarium Kit, you can make your own terrarium, including small succulents.

This package has everything you need to get started with and build a terrarium. Excellent for team development, older children and group activity.

In this indoor garden kit, you’ll receive a glass container, sphagnum moss, soil, charcoal, ornamental rocks, drainage rocks, sea/forest treasure, and an instrumental pamphlet.

What I like about this product is that what you receive varies, as the materials are obtained locally and depend on the time of the year. You could receive shells, sea glass, pinecones, birch bark – and a lot more. Each terrarium is truly one of a kind.

Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse

Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse: Seed Starter

Grow your plants with ease with the Jiffy 72 Professional Greenhouse package. Each starting greenhouse includes 72 Jiffy-7 peat pellets, a base tray, a transparent greenhouse dome, and plant labels are included with this set—a great option for your greenhouse project. 

The pellets are entirely biodegradable and grow seven times their compacted height, leaving ample plant opportunity for resilient root growth. You will also receive a packet of SUPERthrive, a plant vitamin for seedlings, as a gift.

When transplanting, keep the pellets together to reduce root exposure and shock.

Simply add water and any flower, herb, or vegetable seed to begin your ideal garden.

Spade to Fork Organic Edible Flower Garden

Spade To Fork Organic Edible Flower Garden Seed Kit: Flower Kit

Spade To Fork is a small business committed to spreading gardening information and making it as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. Their goods are all certified organic, and their packaging is devoid of plastic.

Their edible Flower Garden growing kit includes five different varieties of USDA Organic Non-GMO seeds, including Thai Basil, Dill, Nasturtium, and Sunflower Borage

Each package also includes 5 OMRI-approved biodegradable peat pots, 5 OMRI-approved rich potting soil discs, five bespoke wood-burned plant markers, and an informative 26-page growing guide.

The AEVA – SproutRite

The AEVA is a more recent contemporary hydroponic garden system that allows you to grow huge plants in the comfort of your own home!

The AEVA has a modern style that fits your house while allowing you to cultivate over 200 plant kinds. On a monthly basis, the AEVA can produce up to 10 pounds of fresh, sustainable, and pesticide-free vegetables.

This dirt-free system, which takes only 10 minutes of maintenance every week, is also energy efficient, requiring only $3 in power per month.

Grow up to 16 plants at once and 10 pounds of fresh vegetables each month to take a step toward self-sufficiency! The AEVA can augment and/or replace a significant portion of your daily meal consumption.

The AEVA only needs water and fertilizers once every two weeks, while the full spectrum LED grow lights are operated by a built-in timer. Even when you’re not there, your plants will grow!

The AEVA comes with everything you need to get started right away, including beginning nutrients and a free Seed Starter Kit with four lettuce, four arugula, four kale, and four basil seed sets. It also includes an easy-to-use app!

Our favorite thing about the Aeva is its look. It’s beautiful. It has a sturdy wood frame composed of birch and pinewood, and the chrome legs give excellent stability and support.

Purchase the Aeva here.

The Growbox2

If you want to grow several plants at a single time, we recommend you consider the GrowBox2. The OPCOM GrowBox2 is an all-in-one hydroponic growing system designed for year-round indoor gardening. It employs the Deep Flow Technique (DFT), has 59 planting holes for planting at a single time.

If 59 isn’t enough, you could even stack more of the GrowBox2 on top of each other to created a green wall. The GrowBox2 includes the OPCOM Clever Box, a smart multi-function control system that can synchronize all of the units as well as handle the lighting and air pump.

High-intensity LED panel illumination produces simulated sunlight, a comprehensive color spectrum that aids plant development and ensures the most efficient growth. As a personal note, lights like these can also be mood lifters during the colder, winter season.

It is suitable for a variety of settings, including homes, workplaces, classrooms, and hospitals, as well as restaurants, with the ability to expand indefinitely to accommodate your space

See pricing for the GrowBox2 here

OPCOM Grow Wall 3C4 Hydroponic Systems

Rounding out our picks for grow walls is the OPCOM Grow Wall 3C4 Hydroponic Systems, which is still on pre-order as of this update..

This two-sided display has four layers and can grow up to 144 plants at a single time. That is insane.

This unit comes with a smart congrol box and remote control to better manage the LED lights and pump.

This system also comes with a free 6-month hydroponics material pack and features a new design for the dual circulation fan with low noise, better performance for sending out fresh air, and aiding plants’ growth. Not only does this improve air circulation for your plants, it also improves your space]s air quality. 

If you’re trying to grow a ton of plants, this option may be right for you. I recommend it for restaurants, hospitals, etc.

See pricing for the OPCOM Grow Wall here.


An indoor garden kit can provide you with fresh vegetables and herbs all year long, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Which garden kits are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Hi Jeff,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have much experience with aquaponics. We specialize a bit more in hydroponics. Perhaps a google search would be more helpful. Good luck!

  2. Your style is so unique compared to many other people. Thank you for publishing when you have the opportunity,Guess I will just make this bookmarked.2

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