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The Best Veritable Smart Indoor Garden Review

Indoor gardening has been my sanity safety net in the last year. With the pandemic, there hasn’t been nearly as much time to go outside. But with hydroponic growing systems, like the Veritable Garden, I’ve been able to flex my green thumb from the comfort of my home.

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden is one of several types of fool-proof countertop gardening systems, so let’s review these models’ pros and cons and provide tips for getting started for the first time. 

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What Is A Veritable Smart Indoor Garden?

Veritable Garden is an indoor garden company out of France. First trademarked in 2015, they create near-effortless systems that allow you to grow plants and veggies year-round. These units are similar to the smaller AeroGarden models, such as the AeroGarden Sprout, the AeroGarden Harvest, or the Smart Garden 3 from Click and Grow. They can ship to the United States quickly via Amazon Prime.

There are five different Veritable indoor gardens. Here is a quick comparison for reference:

ImageVeritable ModelPurchase# of LingotsAdapt'Light TechColorsMaterialApp Compatible
,,, Veritable ClassicVeritable Classic and PP plasticsNo
,,, Veritable SmartVeritable Smart, Black, WhiteABS and PP plasticsNo
,,, Veritable Smart CopperVeritable Smart Copper and CopperCopper; ABS and PP plasticsNo
,,, Veritable Smart ConnectVeritable Connectéservoir blanc, mâts Infinity Grey ou Moonlight GoldABS and PP plasticsYes
,,, exky-classicClassic Exky and PP plasticsNo
,,, exky-smart-gardenExky Smart, WhiteABS and PP plasticsNo
,,, exky-smart-garden-copperExky Smart Copper and CopperCopper; ABS and PP plasticsNo

Where To Buy Veritable Smart Indoor Garden?

You can purchase these indoor gardening systems through Amazon. Pricing, depending on the model, ranges between $159 and $329.

What Comes Inside A Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

When you first purchase your Veritable Smart Garden, it ships in a single white box. Here’s a list of what’s inside, as well as instructions for set up.


The white basin is where you add water. The roots from your plants will hang in the water tank. This method of growing is called hydroponics.

There’s an opening on top of the reservoir that you should fill with water until the plastic gap is flush with the plastic top of the systems


Each unit comes with two LED lights that snap into the center of the indoor garden. These LEDs provide the needed wavelengths of light for optimal growing.

Adapt’Light Technology

Starting with the Smart models (Exky Smart and Veritable Smart), the lights have Adapt’Light technology, meaning the smart garden automatically adjusts the strength of your LED grow lights, depending on if there is ambient light or natural light present. The idea behind this is to distribute the correct amount of light upon your plants at any given time.

Power Cord

The cord plugs into the center back of the indoor garden. Once you plug this in, the pump and lights will turn on.


The lingot is the compostable brick-shaped growing medium that includes ten seed holes for growing. Insert the lingot into the rectangular hole of the Veritable smart indoor garden and push down.


The lingot packaging includes small labels that you can place on the outside of your gardening unit. These help you remember what’s growing in each part of your garden.


Each Veritable system comes with four lingots for you to get started. All seeds provided by Veritable are pesticide and herbicide-free, as well as non-GMO.

Starting Your Veritable Garden

Once you fill the reservoir with water, you can plug in the unit, which activates the lights and water pump. This rehydrates your lingots, and germination will soon begin.

Veritable Garden Set Up Pic

Additional Notes About Set Up

Flashing Lights mean your water reservoir is empty. Also, be sure that you place your unit in an appropriate place. Be sure not to position your Veritable indoor garden in the following areas:

  • Outside
  • Next to a heat source
  • Next to a cold window
  • Next to a blowing air conditioner
  • Next to a metal or magnetic surface
  • On a tilted  or uneven surface
  • In areas that are outside the range of 68-86 F (20-30 C)

Veritable Garden Do Not Place In The Following Places Pic

Veritable Smart Garden Schematic

Veritable Schematic

Exky Smart Garden Schematic

Exky Scematic

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden Review

We aggregated reviews on the Veritable Smart Garden, and the results are mixed at best. The main issue is that there aren’t enough reviews to understand how people actually feel about this system. Most hydroponic systems, such as the AeroGarden or the iHarvest, have thousands of comments, which create a pretty clear picture of the overall experience. The Veritable Smart Garden has an average of 1-4 reviews on each product, so the sample size isn’t great. 

That said, here are the pros and cons of this system we identified during this review:


Reasonable Price

The pricing of this gardening system is similar to that of smaller countertop hydroponic units on the market. The price range on these units varies from $159.99 to $329.99, while some AeroGarden products cost $700+.

That said, you’ll have smaller yields than these larger hydroponic units.

Beautiful Design

This indoor garden is sleek and can match almost any kitchen or home. While I wouldn’t say this unit is practical for gardeners looking to supplement their grocery budget, it is the perfect accent piece. It provides a pop of color and a conversation starter for family and friends.

Great Project For Kids

If you’re trying to instill a love of learning in your children, the Veritable Smart Indoor Garden is an excellent teaching device. You can explain critical growing concepts with your kids, such as photosynthesis, germination, sprouting, and harvesting. 

Year-Round Gardening

The Veritable garden allows you to grow herbs, veggies, and edible flowers from your own home, meaning you harvest your plants even in the dead of winter. 


There is very little maintenance involved with the Veritable gardens. The lights are automatic, and the water reservoir provides your plants with water for up to three weeks. This allows you the freedom to go on vacation for a few days while your plants continue to grow. 

100% Germination Guarantee

Like AeroGarden, Veritable has a 100% germination guarantee. This means that you could replace any lingots that don’t germinate or produce healthy sprouts. Of the negative reviews we sourced, several people said they were disappointed in the lingots’ low germination rate. It may be that Veritable does not promote their guarantee as much as competitors in the space.


Poor Germination Rates

While Veritable has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their lingots, several reviewers mentioned a less than stellar germination success. And of the plants that did produce, they sometimes made weak or scraggly plants. There are other hydroponic systems out there that have considerably better germination rates, such as the AeroGarden seed pods (which also have a germination guarantee)


The Veritable garden is not the indoor garden you want if you’re trying to supplement your grocery budget. Instead, this unit is good for the occasional harvest, meaning it would work well as a mini herb garden in your kitchen.

How Does Veritable Compare To Other Indoor Growing Systems?

If you’re just looking for a simple indoor gardening hobby, the Veritable models are a great choice. And with their warranties for both the seed pods (called lingots) and the overall system, there’s very little risk for trying this unit. 

That said, Veritable is not one of our top picks for countertop hydroponic systems. AeroGarden models are similar in price and have fewer reported issues than the Veritable models. And if you want to grow lots of greens and veggies, you’re better off with purchasing a larger unit like iHarvest, which claims to produce $1,000 worth of plants a year.

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What Types of Plants Can You Grow With Veritable Smart Indoor Garden?

There are currently 66 types of Veritable lingots, which is comparable to the 70+ you can grow with the AeroGarden models. These lingots use organic seeds and can produce various plant types, such as veggies, edible plants, aromatic herbs – sweet basil, chives, etc. – baby vegetables, small vegetables, and more.

Here’s a full list of everything that can grow through the Veritable Smart Garden systems.


You can typically harvest your lingots within four weeks of planting. Veritable offers a 4 to 6 month-long harvest guarantee on all of their lingots, so you can expect to continue harvesting your greens and veggies for a long time.


Veritable Smart Indoor Gardens offers a two-year warranty that you can use if the product is flawed. Veritable makes it clear that the warranty lapses in the following situations:

  • Removable parts are lost or damaged
  • Damage caused by negligence
  • A problem was caused by a natural disaster or other events outside of Veritable’s control
  • In the case that the product was purchased from an unauthorized dealer
  • In the case that the user used substrates other than Lingtos
  • In the case that the unit was stored in an inappropriate space

If you have any problems, you can contact customer service at Make sure you do not return any product without receiving authorization from Veritable.

Final Thoughts on the Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

Veritable is a fairly new company in the countertop hydroponic space. However, it’s still a decent option for indoor growers who want greens, edible flowers, or veggies in a small space. For someone looking for a small project or hobby, the Veritable models are a great choice. If you’re looking for larger yields, go with a more extensive indoor gardening system, such as the iHarvest or Gardyn. And for more bells and whistles and better yields, the larger Aerogarden Farm models are great options as well.

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