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The Best Indoor Plant Kits to Grow a Smart Garden

As fall and winter temperatures approach, it might be time to finally move your outdoor herb garden inside. While you might miss your outdoor garden, there are many benefits to cultivating an indoor smart garden. 

You can use your fresh herbs while cooking, or even just keep the houseplants for decor in your kitchen, living room, or any big or small space in your home. In addition, your new greenery will help you save money and plastic waste, while also saving you fewer trips to the grocery store. 

Growing an indoor garden can be a fun hobby in the winter, and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. As long as you have sun, water and a good growing kit, you’ll be successful no matter your skill level. Many indoor plants will just sit on your windowsill or countertop and only need to be watered once a week. The best part is that your DIY indoor plants will last year-round. So whether you’re thinking of growing fresh herbs or fresh produce, we’ll give you recommendations for the best indoor plant kits.

The Best Herb Garden Kits

Herbs are some of the most common indoor plants for gardeners to grow. Many indoor herb gardens can be sustainable in at least four hours of direct sunlight each day, while other types of plants such as basil, chives, cilantro and oregano may need full-exposure sunny windowsills to grow strong and healthy. To better maintain your indoor herb garden, here are the five best herb garden kits.

The Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden 3 is one of the best indoor gardening kits in the game. It features automatic watering, a variety of pre-seeded plant pods, and it even has an app for you to monitor and learn more about your plants. The Smart Garden 3 also ensures that plants receive the perfect amount of light, nutrients and oxygen. This innovative hydroponic garden from Click & Grow not only grows herbs, but it also grows fresh produce too. These plants are organic, pesticide-free, and encased in biodegradable pods which will certainly boost your green thumb.

Modern Sprout Garden Jar Herb Kit

Modern Sprout’s Garden Jar Herb Kit is another visually appealing smart garden that will stand out as decor in your home. Each herb comes in its own mason jar with a different pop of color to distinguish each herb. Each jar also has its own water reservoir, which makes the Modern Sprout Garden Jar Herb Kit a self-watering planter.

The Modern Sprout Garden Jar Herb Kit also includes non-GMO seeds with a selection of organic basil, organic parsley, organic oregano, organic cilantro, and organic mint. Each jar has its own passive hydroponic system, which means it is self-watering. That way you can place your jar on a sunny spot on the windowsill, and leave your herb to grow while it livens up your home.

Cedar Planter Box Herb Garden Indoor Kit

The Cedar Planter Box Herb Garden Indoor Kit made in the U.S.A. by FATPLANTS is a stylish smart garden that comes with three cedar planter boxes. These boxes are painted to give off a rustic feel, and they even have chalkboard labels on them for the gardener to add their own personal touch with a piece of chalk. The planters are made from American Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to bugs, rot and moisture, and it comes with proper potting soil and drainage holes. If you’re looking to get some houseplant decor in your kitchen or living room, check out the Cedar Planter Box Herb Garden Indoor Kit. 

AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim with Gourmet Herb Seed

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim with Gourmet Herb Seed in-home garden system will elevate your indoor garden and your cooking. By growing fresh herbs and produce year-round, your food will never lack flavor. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim with Gourmet Herb Seed in-home garden system functions automatically by turning the LED grow lights on and off, while also reminding you when to add water and plant food. The smart garden’s pods allow for a no mess, no soil grow process, and the system even comes with 6 fresh herb pods.

Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

The Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse is a sleek, brass finish garden system with a variety of features that will make your life easier as a gardener. The Grow-Anywhere Growhouse has a built-in grow light, is eco-friendly and long-lasting, has quick and easy mobility, and is even smart app-enabled. This plant pot is so user friendly that you simply need to put it where you want it, add your plants, and set a timer for it to take care of itself. After that, the Grow-Anywhere Growhouse will be a beautiful way to incorporate greenery inside your house.

Other Notable Indoor Garden Kits

If you’re trying to focus your indoor gardening efforts on different plants other than herbs, there are even more smart gardens you might be interested in. You can grow vegetables, such as heirloom or cherry tomatoes, arugula, radishes and microgreens all from your countertop or windowsill. For an even more low maintenance plant that only needs minimal sunlight, you can also cultivate fungi, cacti or other succulents. Here are the best garden kits to grow veggies and other plants indoors.

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

If you’re interested in growing mushrooms or other fungi, start with the Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit. This kit comes with a seed starter and seed pods for mushrooms, as well as chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, and cilantro too. You can cultivate this organic vegetable garden year-round, and all you need to do is place the plant in the sun and add water. 

SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit with NanoDome

The SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit with NanoDome can extend the lives of fresh cuttings or grow fresh herbs, flowers, or vegetables year-round. The SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit with NanoDome’s LED lights will keep plants strong and healthy, and you can lay the lighting across a single dome or multiple domes. You’ll look like a professional with this mini greenhouse in your living room or kitchen garden.

Hydrofarm Hydroponic Salad Garden Box Kit

Make your own salad greens with the Hydrofarm Hydroponic Salad Garden Box Kit. This smart garden is perfect for cultivating a soil-free garden for salad greens and other small veggies, and it even grows greens up to thirty percent faster than regular soil. The Hydrofarm Hydroponic Salad Garden Box Kit is also clean and easy to use, and it requires zero electricity which is sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Chef’n Microgreens Garden

The Chef’n Microgreens Garden is another quick and easy way to grow salad greens and microgreens. It fits on windowsills and countertops, and the grower also includes a tray and a seed and soil starter kit. After placing your seeds in the grower, the microgreens will become lush and salad ready in no time.

Cactus and Succulent Grow Kit

If a vegetable garden is too much pressure for you, think about caring for a cactus or succulent. The complete Cactus and Succulent Grow Kit comes with many essentials, including seeds, planters, and soil. It also comes with easy to follow instructions and a step by step guide. Now, you can grow a windowsill of cactus and succulents to give your home hot summer vibes!

By now, you’ve learned about the best smart gardens to build your own indoor garden. If you’re interested in starting up this DIY project, consider what plants you want to grow and get started! You can get these plants at a garden center or you can be COVID-19 friendly and order them on Amazon.

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